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What is the meaning of risk spikes ?

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What is the meaning of risk spikes ?

Wed Mar 06, 2019 6:55 am

Got following question:
What is the meaning of risk spikes ?
I knew the risk assessment process which is explained in pmp

But for risk spikes i confused
Risk spikes are those stories where risk are high and used to drive out uncertainties involved. A spike is an investigation to explore the answer of uncertainties and an excellent way to mitigate risks.

Uncertainties in a spike user story may be present due to many reasons like the team may not know the domain, they need some research to familiarize with it. A story may be too big, and the team is not able to see implied behavior. Or there may be some technical risks and team need to do some research or prototyping.

The thing is that using risk spike first some uncertainties are reduced and then work of user story is implemented as a separate user story, Risk Spike is mainly meant to do some research to get some predictability of the work.

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