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How to determine required resources in an Agile Project?

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How to determine required resources in an Agile Project?

Wed Feb 17, 2021 10:05 am

Got following Question:
While going through the online course, I've a question.

In agile, how will we know how many resources are required for the project?
There is no specific formula given to estimate the required resources in Agile. It is basically based on the judgement of experts or it is driven by organization processes to estimate resources.

In general, experts judgement based on following -
- An understanding of work, what work has to be done and at what time?
- What is the overall need of the skills for the work which has to be delivered?
- What is the budget available?
- What is the release plan and at what point what has to be released?

Here the primary emphasis is that team should have all the required skills to deliver the required work. Experts come together and based on the above information they come up with required resources.

Hope this help.

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