Passed PMI-ACP exam!

PMI-ACP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Passed PMI-ACP exam!

Postby abunasar786 Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:55 pm

I passed the ACP exam today with Above target in all domains. A big relief indeed after preparation of 4 months. I must thank Saket for the amazing videos. Thanks Seema for supporting in this journey of being Agile mindset.

The exam was much more stressful than I had thought. Frankly speaking till the result screen came I had my heart in my mouth:) Most of the questions were around scrum or what will a PO, SM, team will do in a specific situation. Practically very few questions on lean or Kanban surprisingly. I took the full 3 hours for the test and had little time to review my marked questions. The running theme in the exam was the agile mindset.

From preparation perspective I scored around 70 percent in tests 1-3. Test 4 I had scored 58 percent. I had also taken prepcast simulation test where my score was around 70 percent. These tests really helped.

Kind regards
Mohammad Abu Nasar
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Re: Passed PMI-ACP exam!

Postby seema.sonkiya Tue Sep 11, 2018 7:10 am

Congratulations Mohammad Abu Nasar and thanks for sharing your exam success story!!
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Re: Passed PMI-ACP exam!

Postby BeingAgile Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:28 am

Congratulations on passing the exam!

May I know if you have prepared any tips or collected materials , books to pass the exam.

Do you mind sharing it?

Thanks in advance

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