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Kick off meetings

Postby KaurP Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:30 am

Hi Manish,

The project kick-off meeting is usually associated with the end of planning and the start of executing. Its purpose is to communicate the objectives of the project, gain the commitment of the team for the project, and explain the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder. The kick-off may occur at different points in time depending on the characteristics of the project:

For small projects, there is usually only one team that performs the planning and the execution. In this case, the kick-off occurs shortly after initiation, in the Planning Process Group, because the team is involved in planning.

In large projects, a project management team normally does the majority of the planning, and the remainder of the project team is brought on when the initial planning is complete, at the start of the development/implementation. In this instance, the kick-off meeting takes place with processes in the Executing Process Group.

We assume to be working on a large project from exam's perspective unless mentioned otherwise, when the project kick off meetings take place in this case?

At the end of planning and the start of executing or
It takes place with processes in the Executing Process Group

Can you confirm which Process Group these would fall into- Planning or Executing, if asked in the exam?
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Re: Kick off meetings

Postby manishpn Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:47 pm

thumb rule is by default is PM of large projects , so as per PMBOK they are part of execution process group, if the question is explicit about small project then its planning phase
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