Risk Mgmt.

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Risk Mgmt.

Postby KaurP Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:09 am

Q-While preparing risk responses, you identify secondary risk that could result in serious consequences later in the project. What should you do?

Best out of given options- Document the risk item and calculate the EMV based on the probability and impact of the occurrences.

Q-While preparing risk responses, every time a risk response is suggested, another risk is identified that is caused by the response (secondary risk). What is the best thing to do?

Best out of given options- Document the new risk and continue with the Plan Risk Responses.

I understand that we need to choose the best answer out of the given options only.
Still would like to cross check this-
If any new risk is identified, ideally we follow all the risk mgmt activities again and plan a response accordingly, no matter which stage (near to closing may be) the project is and how serious consequence the new risk may have on the project (as mentioned in Q1). Correct or are there any exceptions?


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