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EVM Question

Postby Parevi88007 Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:45 pm

I came across this EVM question online. Can someone please explain how to arrive at the correct answer?

Q: You are the project manager for a construction company with a budget of $300,000 and two months into the project, you find that there have been several changes in the project and you re-estimate that the project will cost additional money. If the Earned value to date is $175,000 and the costs incurred are $225,000 calculate the estimate at completion (EAC)?

The correct answer is: $385,000. I am getting $350,000. I used the formula AC+(BAC-EV). I actually think that AC+ETC must be used in this scenario since it is related to re-estimate but I cannot figure how to calculate it. Please help.


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