PMI-PBA - Exam Attempt

PMI-PBA® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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PMI-PBA - Exam Attempt

Postby shivmsk1 Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:09 pm

Hi Seema/Saket,

I appeared for exam in the month of June, but was not successful. 4 Domains Above Target, Business Analysis below target.
Surprisingly in BA domain, as per exam analysis, out of 7 tasks 2 abv target, 4 target and 2 below target, but still did
not get through on that domain. I don't know why?

Ofcourse I was a seasonal reader, Seema advised me to take exam within 3 months of starting the course,
never done seriously (due to several excuses) but for last one month prior to attending the exam I attempted all questions an got over 90%, but
now I understand that is not enough to tackle the tricky questions.

I flaged 15 question, but did not have time to revisit them. Some of the Questions terminology is lot of confusion, by
the time you interpret and try to connect to the right answer, a lot of time consumed on such type of questions. Those were
the flaged questions. There are many such but I am able to flag 15 of them. It appeared to me to that this is the test on
English literature rather than BA subject. Even the question construction itself is very, very vague.

There are also tricky questions, looks easy on the first look, when you read again they are lil bit confusing:

I remember the first 3 questions when time started:
The application is running well on one particular browzer and not on the other. What you do next?
a. ask to fix the problem. b. change use case. c. refer to ccb. d. perform impact analysis.

What artefact can be resued in developing a product. (They have not mentioned it is new product or old)
a. requirements. b. quality control. c. risk analysis d. Traceability.

Who can sign-off on the requirements in the absence of CCB.
a. stakeholders b. sponsor c. customer d. project team

confusing questions on Decision making vs communication? like who is at fault, is it decision making or communication>
Lot of questions on Traceability, and also provided the diagram of weighted criteria, Probability analysis to select the
right choice of selecting the option.
Suggestion to everyone is to read every model and understand well its usage in different context. I got questions covering every model. Strictly follow exam content outline from pmi-pba.
Izen Assessments covers every topic in the BA Guide. Good question bank. They are easy to understand, but one has to refer the guide for wrong questions, even though Izen providing the Solution.

I remember getting Some questions, similar to Izen, such as increasing the revenue by 50% or so, but they have twisted in a different way, with different answer choices.

Study chapters from PMP is a must, spend some time on these chapters, ofcourse I just reviewed a day prior to exam:
Scope, WBS, Risk management, Quality Management, Stakeholder Management. Also pert, probability and impact,
nominal group techniques, Influence/Interest, Charter, Risk register, risk responsibility matrix, contingency reserve.
(I am typing whatever I remember). re-take assessments as many times as you can. Daily 3 hours focus is a must.

Suggestions for Izen: Student should have option in Assessment section to select previously attempted wrong questions and retake the exam on those wrong questions.

My dilemma, when I reappear for the exam and if I get the same confusing questions again, how to resolve those questions, Sorry, I don't remember those questions to share with you.

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Re: PMI-PBA - Exam Attempt

Postby seema.sonkiya Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:40 am

Thanks for sharing your exam experience. I will work on your dilemma!!

What was your exam date?
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Re: PMI-PBA - Exam Attempt

Postby shivmsk1 Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:32 pm

Yet to decide!. May be after clarifications and reviewing the new guide.


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