Passed PMI-PBA with Above Target in all Domains

PMI-PBA® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Passed PMI-PBA with Above Target in all Domains

Postby achintyak Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:10 am

Dear PMI-PBA aspirants,

I passed the PBA exam on 20th Dec 2017 with Above Target in all Domains.
iZenbridge’s PMI-PBA course played a crucial role in my preparation and gave me confidence to pass the exam. Please find below my lessons learned for the future test takers.

Thanks to iZenbridge and Seema without whose guidance this would not have been possible.

The practice tests, assessments and full length exams helped me in develop confidence for preparing for the PMI-PBA exam.

I read BA Practice Guide, selected topics from PMBOK (including the Glossary of BA Practice guide and PMBOK) in parallel with the online course. Also the forum discussion was quite helpful, the clarification sessions every alternate Saturday were of much help.

IZenbridge’s Assessments consists of good question bank database. Questions provided in the study material and assessments are of good quality for practicing for the exam. Although, the actual exam questions are not exactly same as the ones provided in the assessments. Maximum questions are scenario based, tricky and conceptual. One needs to understand the concepts thoroughly before finding confidence to attempt scenario based questions.

I followed the method of elimination to get to the right answer. Mostly you will find that two choices can be easily eliminated. The remaining two choices needs to be analyzed for choosing the right answer. Practicing assessment questions will help you a lot in this direction. Also, while attempting the quizzes and mock exams practice this approach.

In BA Practice guide you will find that in many places Collaboration points are mentioned after the description of an activity or process. These are the Key exam points especially for scenario based questions. Make a list of all the points and have a good understanding. Sometimes questions demand the solid understanding of the responsibilities of a project manager or Business analyst.
Lastly, just relax and believe in the iZenbridge’s PMI-PBA course. It will help you to pass the exam.

I enrolled for the course for a good amount of 7-8 months, but i actually studied for 1 month and that was sufficient which should act as motivation for aspirants who are stuck at work or not giving priority to set a exam date. Best approach is to Set a exam date and study preparation and this worked for me :)

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Re: Passed PMI-PBA with Above Target in all Domains

Postby seema.sonkiya Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:10 am

Congratulations!! Great to see your achievement on becoming successful Professional in Business Analysis. to you :-)

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