Cleared PMP on 1st try

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Cleared PMP on 1st try

Postby vijay6836 Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:48 am

Congratulations…” Rarely felt the true emotion of this word until I saw it on my PMP test monitor :D
Felt relieved. Thanked God.

Mr.Saket and iZenbridge: Thank you for your course materials, presentation and the mock tests. It truly guided me in the direction I headed for. Keep up the gr8 work !!!

Background :
I started preparing for PMP based on PMBOK, RITA and iZenbridge Videos in the last quarter of 2016 with a plan to complete the exam in early 2017.
However could not pursue due to inevitable commitments. This continued for the next 6 months and I was completely off track from PMBOK :( .

Fast Fwd (After 6 months):
Pressure was building within to complete the exam and I finally decided to schedule the exam and reboot preparations. However this time I set goal to finish in 2 months.
Restarted from July 1st week. Read PMBOK again and gave a 200 Qs mock exam to see where I stood. The score was 75% . Time to cover the weak areas before the next mock.
Read through personal notes prepared from RITA [had already read RITA complete once in 2016] and again gave a 2nd reading of PMBOK.
During this time many of my colleagues started with PMP preparations and together we had several group discussions in closed doors as well as virtually [Skype, WhatsApp].
This really helped me a lot to strengthen the understanding of knowledge areas. Thanks to all of them for the constant engagement and encouragement and I wish them the best for their exams :)
Took 2 more mock tests a week before the exam and scored 80%+ on average. Felt ready (really.. ?? :P )

The exam [30th Aug]:
Finally the day arrived. Took the exam 2 hours before the scheduled time and thus began the Roller Coaster ride. 
The first half questions [initial 2hours] were very challenging and replete with Stakeholder, Communication and Change management areas which tested my knowledge and time keeping skills
until I regained myself to race against time to complete all questions with just 3 minutes to spare.
Yes .. you read it right. It took me the whole 240 minutes to complete the exam and after few tense final moments (praying inside) the screen refreshed to show “Congratulations”
[Phew … dint bother to read the rest of the page :P ]

The result :
I guess the exam report format has changed from August 28th and now the grading stands like i) Needs Improvement(NI) ii) Below Target (BT) iii) Target [T] iv) Above Target [AT]
My overall score was Above Target :D :D [Initiating [T], Planning [AT], Execution [AT], Monitor & Control [AT], Closing [BT]]

Final words:
Prepare your mind to spend complete 240 minutes in the exam and you will be relaxed to take on the questions.
Real exam questions are of super high quality and all within the scope of PMBOK guide.
Apart from PMBOK and Mr.Saket Videos, don’t miss to read RITA at least once. This will really help you understand the concepts and questions.
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Re: Cleared PMP on 1st try

Postby seema.sonkiya Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:55 am

Congratulations Vijay!!

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