Release burn down bar chart queries

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Release burn down bar chart queries

Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:57 am

Hello Saket/Seema,

Please find the clarification 1 for release burn down bar chart

I could see the following points in the notes section of Agile monitoring doc

"Top of the Burn down barchart represent the Velocity"

Please refer to the Diagram given in the Page 3 of the Agile Monitoring notes document given in the izenbridge course.

My point is Velocity should be calculated not only by looking at the top of the burn down ,but need to consider the bottom chart also...

In the example given in the notes... Third iteration top chart was at 170 or so and the bottom one was 75 or the remaning points were 245(170+75) at the end of Third iteration. Fourth iteration - top chart moved down to 150 and bottom chart moved up to 25. So remaining points were 175 ( 150+25) . Here the team completed 245-175=70 points.
As per the definition of 'Velocity represent the top of the barchart', it should have been 170-150=20 points.
Velocity of the team for iteration 3 is 70 points or 20 points? Please help me to understand this.
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Re: Release burn down bar chart queries

Fri Aug 18, 2017 6:33 am

Please read following lines carefully from the notes:

- You can easily see the team’s velocity and the scope changes separately.

- Each bar shows the amount of work in a release as of the start
of an iteration

- The bottom of the bar is lowered whenever work is added to the project.

- The bottom is moved up whenever work is removed from an iteration.

- If the bottom is below the horizontal axis at 0, it means that overall work has been added to the release.


Any time work is completed, the top is lowered.

Velocity is calculated by looking at the top of the chart.

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