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Housam Bassal
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Team meeting

Postby Housam Bassal Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:40 pm

Bill is the project manager and working on a very critical project for performing organization. This project has some stringent quality criteria to meet. Bill heard two of his team members discussing while he was walking down the corridor that criteria is mentioned in French but they are not able to make out everything in it properly. What is next thing Bill should do?
A. Call for a team meeting and discuss about issue
B. Inform the sponsor and warn for some quality issues
C. Take the criteria and get it translated by expert

D. Identify the impact of misunderstanding on delivered or in progress items
D. Solution
All the options are right steps to do for Bill however what is the most important and immediate step to be taken is asked in question. Calling for a meeting can help bill in understanding the problem but that will not solve the problem quickly, it can be done as a permanent solution or to do root cause analysis. We can’t go to sponsor without getting the feel of the problem occurred. Criteria needs translation after discussing with team but the mort immediate thing Bill should do is to understand the impact of misunderstanding on quality expectations from project deliverables (already delivered or in process to deliver in near future). PMBOK 243

I think option A is the correct answer as PM will perform with his team impact analysis during the Team meeting, its team meeting call to discuss this issue and its impact. What do you think? :?
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Re: Team meeting

Postby manishpn Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:17 pm

question is not framed well,
however option D is best as immediate concern is if there are any defective/faulty deliverable's from the project. Of course to find that our a team meeting maybe needed or meeting with experts in team is needed.
Manish P
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