My PMI - PBA UNsuccessful Story

PMI-PBA® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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My PMI - PBA UNsuccessful Story

Postby akshayabs Wed Dec 07, 2016 11:38 am

Hi Folks,

You must have read/heard a lot of Successful stories of PMI-PBA exam. But now I am writing this to share my fruitless experience.
I know where exactly I went wrong and hence sharing my understanding with you all so that you guys will not make similar kind of blunder.
Below are few things which needs to be taken care before scheduling your exam.

1. Be strong with every concept. Otherwise every option will confuse you.

2. Attend all the Webinars conducted by Seema and make sure you are clear with every point she mention.

3. Go through PMI_PBA handbook twice/thrice until every concept in the book is understood. Do not memorize the lines or definitions. “Just Understand”

4. Be active in Forum. They will really help.

5. Make sure every video is watched and there is no much time gap from your exam schedule date. I watched videos 3 months back and remembered nothing.

6. Seema clarifies every doubt with a real time example. This helps a lot. For few question I could relate these example and answer them correctly.

7. Do not neglect any topic.

80% of the question appeared in my exam were from “requirement management”. I was confused and my mind went blank in exam hall. This was because of lack of understanding. So please take Seema’s advice before you schedule your exam. She can assess you in every step.

Every time she asked me “Akshaya are you sure you are 100% ready for Exam” I replied her with over confident. Now I know why she constantly asked me.
So guys please do prepare well and seek Seema help/guidance before you schedule exam dates.

I am sure in couple of months I will be writing my Success story in the same FORUMJ Thanks Seema, thankyou iZenBridge for all the support till date.
@Seema - I will bother you much from now on and promise that I will schedule my exam only when you give me green signal :)
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Re: My PMI - PBA UNsuccessful Story

Postby seema.sonkiya Wed Dec 07, 2016 11:50 am

Thanks for sharing Akshaya, next time we will together make it happen.
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Re: My PMI - PBA UNsuccessful Story

Postby saket Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:30 am


Thank you for sharing your exam experience, i request to share what all you prepared and how you find the exam different from your expectations? Mean when you headed the exam you must be expecting some type of exam which you will pass through but when you saw it did you felt it was different than your expectation?

If possible also share which domain area you found most challenging.

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Re: My PMI - PBA UNsuccessful Story

Postby akanksha.ashar5 Sun Dec 11, 2016 7:31 am


All the very best to you! I am sure you will crack this time! :)

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