Q19 Integration Management

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Q19 Integration Management

Postby sapmmkamal Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:57 pm

While going through a quiz, i came through below question, please help in clarifying the same
You have been assigned as the Project Manager of a new project. You planned for a session where all stakeholders including customers and development team can be gathered and all critical explicit and implicit requirements can be captured. These collected or recorded requirements can be referred to as:

A.Quality of the product
B.Quality Function Deployment
C.Voice of the Customer
D.Joint Application Design/Development

Answer should be D, while correct answer mentioned is C
In JAD only we get all customers, team to get requirement
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Re: Q19 Integration Management

Postby saket Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:01 am

PMBOK Page 114

joint application design/development (JAD) sessions are used in the software development industry. These facilitated sessions focus on bringing business subject matter experts and the development team together to improve the software development process.

In the manufacturing industry, quality function deployment (QFD) is another example of a facilitated workshop technique that helps determine critical
characteristics for new product development. QFD starts by collecting customer needs, also known as voice of the
customer (VOC).

Since the question limit facilitated workshop to only talking about requirement it is more near to Voice of Customer.
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