Just passed my PMI-ACP Exam Today- By Tarek Faham

PMI-ACP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Just passed my PMI-ACP Exam Today- By Tarek Faham

Wed Jul 08, 2015 7:04 am

Success story of Tarek Faham ( PMP, PMI-ACP Software Engineer | PMP® | PMI-ACP | IT Project Manager) on the link below ... na_4673212
Just passed my PMI-ACP Exam Today

I am very happy to tell you that I am now PMI-ACP Certified. I decided to schedule the exam during my annual vacation to Mississauga, Canada. It was honestly very difficult and challenging to study and prepare for the exam during my work.

I will provide some information about the study material, approach and experience and used.

Study Material:
- This excellent group and the feedback of Saket
- Agile PrepCast of Cornelius Fichtner
- Exam Prep Guide ref. book by Mike Griffiths
- WhizLabs exam simulator
- PropLanx exam simulator

- Started
- Watch to PrepCast videos during my commute
- Review and verify understanding from the Exam Prep book
- Ask questions by posting to this group
- Took 3 sample exams by PropLanX
- Took 1st exam of WhizLabs twice, and 2nd one 3 times
I highly recommend to benefit from this group, and also recommend to get the Study Material of Saket though I didn't use it, but based on my communication with Saket, I can tell that he provides a very valuable study material.

The questions I got on the exam are very close to WhizLabs sample exams. Though I found about 4%-5% quality issues in the questions/answers of WhizLabs exams, but support were very cooperative and they did the correction/modifications quickly. I highly recommend them.

Wish you all best of luck in your exam.

Jyoti Gupta
PMP Mentor & Coach

iZenbridge Consultancy Pvt Ltd

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