conflict resolution clarity

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conflict resolution clarity

Postby et_ab Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:36 am

A project manager is meeting QA and development leads to take up one conflicting issue. Where development lead is saying all the pieces of work should be having detailed test case plan, QA lead is saying it’s not feasible to have this. Project manager listens to their viewpoints and suggests that let’s draw a line and all the development work above 20 man days of development work will have detailed test case plan whereas anything less than that will be having the only required level of elaboration of the test plan. Let’s put forward the same before stakeholder’s and get appropriate approvals. What technique of conflict management Project Manager is using here?





The solution given is compromise . I do agree if both of these members who had conflict would have come up with solution to draw line above 20 etc then compromise was the ans but here PM is giving solution which both members will have to follow so answer should be Forcing . Please clarify if that is correct way to approach question ?

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