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Passed PMI-PBA July 9 (second attempt)

PMI-PBA® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Passed PMI-PBA July 9 (second attempt)

Postby jsaclo Thu Sep 05, 2019 2:53 pm

I am very happy to share that I have passed by PMI-PBA last July 9.

Thank you Saket & Seema of Izenbridge for all the lessons with your outstanding explanations.
Note: I took other online training practice exam before Izenbridge. Questions on other practice exams from other online training were very shallow, I took the actual exam and I failed. Then I enrolled in Izenbridge and their practice exams were almost the same on the actual exam, Izenbridge more difficult therefore I was able to train my brain how to spot the right answer. I passed my second attempt. Izenbridge is the only best!

Sometimes I get easily bored and especially sleepy whenever reading books or watching video lessons, therefore, doing several study strategies helped me to keep motivated. If I get sleepy, I don't study at that day or two (or 3 days).

Preparation (5 months, not continuous study/review)
You can refer to my practice exam score attached.

1) Strategy I
Familiarize with PMBOK, Understand BA Guide & BA Practioner book
Watch all video lessons
Took practice exam per domain. After per domain practice exam, read/understand correct/wrong
Took notes on the wrong answers (keywords/explanations)
2) Strategy II
Re-read BA Guide & Practitioner book per domain (e.g Planning)
After reading the Planning section, took a practice exam on planning
Read/understand correct/wrong answers/explanations
Took notes on the wrong answers (keywords/explanations)
Repeat the strategy for the rest of the domains
Took the full-length practice exam
Read/understand correct/wrong answers/explanations
Took notes on the wrong answers (keywords/explanations)
3) Strategy III
Review past scores. Took practice exam per domain (e.g 2 domain practice exams in one day)
starting from the lowest score domain
Read/understand correct/wrong answers/explanations
Watch again the video lesson related to the practice exam you took
4) Strategy IV
Took practice exam on each domain lesson (this time w/o reading any of the books mentioned above)
Read/understand correct/wrong answers/explanations
Take a break (e.g 1 or 2 days)
Took the full-length practice exam. Before answering, follow Seema's expert advise, challenge the question
before you provide your answer.
Read/understand correct/wrong answers/explanations
5) Strategy V
1 whole month before taking the actual exam
No book reading
Practice and practice challenging the questions and took the exam domain by domain and study wrong
Take a break (e.g 1 or 2 days)
Took the full-length practice exam. Study wrong answers

Once the scores hits 35 or more out of 50 questions for each domain, and 150 or more correct answers
out of 200 questions, & able to challenge the questions, then I can say, can be ready to take the actual
practice exams
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