Cleared PMP exam

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Cleared PMP exam

Tue Mar 27, 2018 5:25 am

Hi Friends,

i have successfully cleared PMP exam on 22nd March 2018 with Above Target. Below is the my Journey:

1. Joining Izenbridge-Being non PM it was slight difficult to understand PMBOK, while going through youtube videos of Saket i was impressed by skills anf genuine approach of Saket to explain the PMP and then i decided to join Izenbridge which was the right decision 8-) .

2. Books-Started PMP study in September 2017. Read PMBOk,Rita,Andy crow and Izenbridge 45 day Study plan.

3. Questions- Did Quampus question, Rita Question, Andy crow Question and christopher Scordo -900 Questions, PMP exam mentor app 200 questions, PMP exam simulator, Oliver lehmann 175+75 Question- over all scores- 85%, Quampus PMP test 1,2,3,4 are must to test your readiness.

4. Learnings on Mock Exam- Try understanding your wekness. Exam has - Situational, Direct,Intrepretational, Formula, ITTO pattern Questions. read right and wrong answers to identify your gaps and get it clear before exam.

5. Experience of Exam- Exam tests your skill and understanding of PMBOK in practical situations, dont get carried away with 85-90% score in Mock exam in read exam your knowledge and interpretation skill helps, if your concepts are not clear watch Hangout sessions conducted by Saket -one of the best way to summarize in last hours.

6. i did 70 questions in first hour, 120 in second hour and last 80 in 3.5 hr. i used 30 min full to review - unanswered and marked questions. one imp tip- while reading the question if you encounter, you can not answer the question move forward. no question in PMP exam is worth more than 1 min (Remeber what Saket suggested in initial introduction videos of Quampus).

7. Category of Questions in the Exam- Stakeholders,Procurement, HR,.change control, Kick off, PMP update, PDU update,RIsk, Closing,validate scope, control scope,control cost,control risk, control stakeholder, 1 PERT question, 1 critical path question, 3 CPI,SPI questions.

8. Books to be referred for specific topic- IPCC, Procurement, HR- Rita, scope,cost,stakeholder- PMBOK.

Credits 8-) - Sincere Thanks to Saket Sir- all journey and special hangout session. Seema Mam- guidances on Audit process and exam content outline Map, Manish Sir- PMP exam clarification session were excellent.

Namitha, Ishan for your support.

Cheers to IZenbridge Team :) you are simply Awesome. All the best for Future.
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Re: Cleared PMP exam

Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:50 am

Congratulations Deepak, all the best for your future plans!

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