I passed last week the PMI-PBA exam

PMI-PBA® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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I passed last week the PMI-PBA exam

Postby jmedeiros Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:12 pm

Thank you for your help and support during this journey Seema and Saket
Needs assessment, Above Target
Planning, Above Target
Elicitation and Analysis,
Traceability and Monitoring.

My take away of this journey to help others to pass the exam:

Study Plan
• Consider to start preparing 3 months in advance and learn from different technics, you need to mature the concepts to be able to answer situational questions.
• Review Classroom Videos by chapter along with the PMI-PBA Practice Guide (I prepared notes by chapter based on both in Power Point for later review)
• Clarification Sessions: Key to review even if you don’t participate, review the videos later.
• PMI-PBA Practice Guide: Go back to this framework each time you have a doubt.
• Exam Prep Questions: Work two weeks before very intensive on this use all the Izenbridge material but also look for other questions source in the web is good to practice
• Open Forum : Spend at least the last 3 days before the exam Exploring all threads of exclusive PBA forum
• Specific topics from the exam:
o The obvious one understand very clear the rational of each Domain
o Understand in all domains the Plan Phase required for each one.
o be very clear about: Differences between Verification, Validation, Evaluation and Post Implementation Review, when each one happen, who are involved, reason for each. Using quality assurance tools to analyse solution discrepancies
o You need to manage the concepts and rational of the Traceability Matrix (requirements status, unique, source, etc.) very well in different project environment.
o Prioritization techniques : names and purposes of the BA tools presented in the Business Analysis practice Guide:. You do need recognize them as appropriate or inappropriate when provided a project scenario. Be sure to know MoSCoW, Pest and Kano.
o Any change always start with a change request , baseline requirement to define the scope
o Assume always as BA the potential Business Value for the organization, if any question come and one of the option is Business Value related, pick that option.
o Manage all the Plans content by PMI-PMbok and the differences between them (Management Plan, Comms Plan, Change Management, etc.)
o Manage well stakeholders analysis when it happened (in which domains and the differences). Identify and analyse stakeholders in different scenarios is key.
o Decision-making process & techniques: Specifically look at the various forms of decision making tools (unanimity, plurality, etc.) and check the reading list indexes for decision-making references.
o Understand ALL the techniques for elicitation and analysis and when you use each one depending the project lifecycle and the phase in which you are of the project and constrains , the audience and the stakeholders involved.
o Solution evaluation Expected vs Actuals - variances : When and how evaluate, Sign off process
• The day before the exam relax go for a walk with you partner and do not read nothing the night before have a good sleep. What you didn’t master in 3 months you will not get the night before and you will burn energy that you will require for the long exam.
• Make a 5 minutes break half way on the exam eat a Toblerone or any food with energy, drink water and fresh up yourself.

This is what I remember at this moment. I hope may help other to pass the exam.

Thank you again

Kind regards

Julio Medeiros
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Re: I passed last week the PMI-PBA exam

Postby seema.sonkiya Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:54 am

Congratulations Julio!!! Thanks for sharing detailed lesson learned!!

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