My 2 Cents to all aspirants

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My 2 Cents to all aspirants

Postby gangaramp Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:16 pm

Keeping up with tradition , I would to start by thanking Izenbridge for the support . I cleared my PMP with with above target rating on all knowledge areas on 12/30/2017 .It was my goal for 2017 hence I kept the exam just before the end of the year and also wanted to squeeze some more time around the holidays here when work is slow . I will briefly outline my exam prep plan ,do s and didn't below .

Preparation Time : 2 months . Yes people 2 months at maximum is all that you need to clear this exam . You need to spend at least 4-5 hours a day in those two months .I spent little less than that during the weekdays joggling work and family .But I did spend up to 6 hours on the most weekends during those two months .During these two months be on war footing mode , divorce your spouse if married (no triple talaq please.. else PMI will have to mail your certificate to local jail :D send kids to in laws if you have or some anath ashram ..kidding folks .. :lol: :lol:

Materials : I read PMBOK twice and refereed to few topics more than that . PLEASE do not ignore PMBOK . In fact i would go the extent of saying do not read any other books besides PMBOK not even Rita Mulchany which I think is highly overrated book. Besides PMBOK I of course listened to all videos of pmp prep course more than once on few topics . Those materials and PMBOK is sufficient to clear exam . Not reading PMBOK will be a big mistake ! . I had PMBOK 6th edition as well from my membership so I refereed to that as well for few topics though content is more or less the same but gives more agile perspective .. you don't have to ! . Please do not refer to 10 different materials for exam , it will only distract you and confuse you more . Stick to PMBOK guide that's what you will be TESTED on .

About the exam : Firstly its brutal 4 hours for sure . Questions were as tough as izenbridge mock exams if not more tough . If you are scoring 80 -85 % consistently in izenbridge mock than you will 100 % pass exam but be consistent and be honest to yourself and also please review wrong answers its more important than giving 10 different mock exams . Don't panic there were very easy questions too . Please do not mug up ITTOs . It will not help you at all . Understanding the ITTOs is very important though as the entire PMBOK revolves around it someway or the other . So understand ITTOs rather than trying to memorize it . I will be surprised if you can answer any questions simply by memorizing ITTOs as question tests you like you are a professional and not as some class 6 student who has to memorize poem .Most questions were situational for me . First 10 -15 questions were really tough , I wounder if this is done purposely to try your nerves but please do not panic , just mark them and proceed if you don't know answer .Do not let time control you , having time to review marked questions later could be difference between pass and fail so please try to keep aside 30 mins for review if not more . I had around 40 mins to review questions and that really helped me a LOT .Besides this if you have any questions drop your questions here and I will try to answer them for you .

I wish you all the best

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Re: My 2 Cents to all aspirants

Postby manishpn Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:43 am

congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience
Manish P
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