Passed my PMP Today...1st attempt..."above target" in all 5 domains

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Passed my PMP Today...1st attempt..."above target" in all 5 domains

Postby prasant.kumar27 Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:46 pm

Dear All,
I cleared my PMP exam today in 1st attemt and got "above target" in all 5 domians(the grading system has changed from proficiency level to target level, but I think the method and philosophy is same)
Happy to share my PMP success journey with all of you..

Started up my thinking to pursue the certification from Dec-2016.
Did several research for "how to be PMP" in several websites, blogs, forums and decided a path to follow.
Did my 35PDU classroom training in Feb-2017..
At that time was not aware at all of the PMBOK. But after attending the classroom session got the confidence to have a go through.

There were some classroom test after every classroom sessions. Scored decent in those test but was not confident and was getting many questions wrong, even if from my experience seems to be correct.
Though I was "not so much bored" by reading PMBOK (like I heard from many aspirants) but I was worrying to see questions which I thought was correct but ending up wrong.
Than my faculty helped me with a trick to go through PMBOK… If you read carefully there are questions in every line of PMBOK.. In each paragraph you can easily frame 3 questions…
Voila… that was the day when I started the PMBOK journey again from this thing in mind..…

I started creating mindmaps for each process..
And gradually developed a small reference handout for PMBOK which became VERY HANDY during my last leg of preparation..

Initially planned to give the exam in April-2017…missed it due to other engagements
Than planned for July-2017… Due to gap.. have to again go through the study… (so do not give gaps in your study if you have planned the exam..)
By this time I was busy in my professional and personal life…
Than finally planned to give the exam in October-November…. And fixed 27th November as my exam date.

So here is the study plan for these 4 months (approximately 16-17 weeks).

PMBOK go through-
- first pass- overview and all process awareness
- second pass- Reading between the lines in PMBOK and making notes … there are many questions inside each line of PMBOK…
- third pass- making mindmaps of each of 47 process.. In third pass I tried to "link" the "outputs" to the next process.. For e.g. a "Risk Register" is output of "Identify risk" and Input to "Plan Quality management" and Why? (the PMBOK describes the "why" in subtle way.. You have to read the lines in PMBOK..

Rita :
2 passes..
1st Pass- Go through each process .. Understand the explanations.. And do all the maths/Topic end questions
2nd pass- Highlight important lines/texts..

iZenbridge :
Even after Classroom,PMBOK and Rita I must say I was not 100% confident for the exam..
I googled for resources, and got to know about PMP videos from Mr. Saket Bansal.
I watched few in youtube and that helped clear many of my perceptions in simple PRACTICAL way.
But many videos are missing in Youtube and are available if I purchase the package.

Now just 3 weeks before exam I decided go for the iZenbridge PMP Course.
Enrolled it and went through all videos. Including webinar videos+PMP doubt videos of aspirants..
I only could manage single pass of all the content due to time constraint.. But they were very much helpful to clear all my doubts completely, and was feeling more confident now..

Now for Exams/Mock test part:
All Classroom questions from my center- scoring was average 70-80%
All Rita questions… I have actually made 2 passes of question..2nd pass was done in a gap of 4 months and I felt all questions are new again :-)
iZenbridge All Assessment test/Process group test
Christopher Scordo questions

Mock test:
I have taken 6 full 200 Q Mock test in total
1st to 6th exam-scored 68% to 85% gradually

In all I tried solving around 3500-4000 Questions from all the above sources.

Now coming to the Real exam questions:
Most questions were situational… I think around 75%
10% questions were ITTO types… but they were not directly asking the ITTO terms.. They were also framed like situational and you have to decode it to come to the ITTO conclusion
5% questions were from Business case/project charter/High level problems which impacts your projects…and what do the PM will do now
5-10% were around the ethical based framed around stakeholder & HR
Less than 5% were "Maths". Even they were not proper calculation based (like many formula types).. They were direct SPI and CPI based, with some graphs and some Critical path Network diagram

Hope this helps..
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Re: Passed my PMP Today...1st attempt..."above target" in all 5 domains

Postby suresi00 Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:40 am

Congratulations !!!!

Can you please share the handbook you are referring to if it is fine with you
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Re: Passed my PMP Today...1st attempt..."above target" in all 5 domains

Postby nazrulq Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:42 am

Congratulations! All the very best to your future endeavour!
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Re: Passed my PMP Today...1st attempt..."above target" in all 5 domains

Postby manishpn Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:19 am

Thanks for choosing izenbridge and sharing your experience , it helps other test takers
Manish P
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