How Easy it is to Crack PMI-PBA with iZenbridge!

PMI-PBA® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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How Easy it is to Crack PMI-PBA with iZenbridge!

Postby akanksha.ashar5 Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:39 pm

Finally, I earned PMI - Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)® Credential on 5th Dec, 2016 with "Moderately Proficient" as the grade across all 5 Business Analysis Domains - Need Assessment, Business Analysis Planning, Requirement Elicitation & Analysis, Traceability & Monitoring and Solution Evaluation.

Sharing few guidelines to study and crack PMI-PBA exam -
Key rules -
1) Do not memorize
2) Understand every topic, every sentence you read
3) Comparitive studies help a lot to internalize the concepts, processes, best practices and helps you improve your decision taking skills

Videos -
1st round mandatory
2nd round for topics which are not clear

Clarification Session -
These sessions are great opportunity to interact live with Seema who leads all of these sessions.
She has immense knowledge about each of the PMI-PBA Domains which will build and enhance your understanding.
She covers 1 topic everytime and then takes up questions from participants and addresses it live at that point.
Post the sessions all relevant forum threads, references and recording from the clarification session are posted on exclusive webinar session thread.

PMI - PBA Practice Guide
1st round mandatory along with viewing videos
2nd round as part of preparing before Domain wise Assessment

1st round recommended along with viewing videos
2nd round for topics which are not clear or full review if time permits

Assessment Strategy
1. Plan for 5 attempts for each domain
2. Decide exam dates
3. Prepare read reference book, see videos, review clarification ppts before giving your exam
4. Initial rounds - After exam review all answers - as right ones will be by fluke and you need to understand the rationale behind it and also its imp to check wrong ones to build understanding around it.
5. Post 1-2 rounds - note down all Qs which you want to review clarifications later and check all of noted ones and the incorrect ones
6. Last round - check wrong ones rest you might be confident why you selected so and check any noted questions.

Domain-wise Assessment - Revise topics before attempting exams
Full Assessment - start attempting in last 15-20 days to increase endurance and speed for solving 200 Qs at one go.

Last One Week -
1. Revise glossary & review topics from pba practice guide or videos which you vaguely remember or are not clear
2. Forum - Best for revising material
Write down few clarifications, explanations, concepts as notes for your last minute which will be good content for your last day review
Recommended Sections (starting with important sections to less important ones at the end if time permits)
1) Open Forum
2) Exam Prep Questions
3) Queries & Tricks
4) Exclusive Webinars - Review links and clarifications provided there
5) Resources - Has selected/shortlisted videos
6) Few pba related blogs from iZenbridge (imp links are shared on most of the above threads)

Last day - Review your notes which you made (areas which you feel should be revised)

Last minute/Exam day - Take good 8 hours of sleep, relax, be confident, trust in yourself and your hardwork!

Lets go Domain-wise - planning to cover few topics which worked as thumb rules for me/ Things to remember!
For all next steps question - priority will be refer business analysis plan, communication plan, requirement mgmt plan and so on.
If these options are available choose but at the same time remember Requirement Elicitation, Analysis, Documentation and Communication is an iterative processes.

!Need Assessment
Understand and remember the sequence of activities at high level. Correlate all tasks in a given scenario then answer accordingly.
Situation Statement>> Business Need>> Gap Analysis, Investment appraisals, Feasiblity Analysis, Cost benefit analysis>> Business Case
Understand components of Situation statement, Executive summary, Business Case. As there will be questions to choose the appropriate one.
or find out what is missing or find out what is not required in the given document.
Remember Cost benefit analysis is done only for the recommended/selected solution (PMI-PBA exam always rephrases words, sentences without altering the meaning)
Share need assessment summary content link - viewtopic.php?f=24&t=1745&hilit=PMI+PBA+Business+Analysis+Practice+Guide%3A+Need+Assessment

!Business Analysis Planning
Stakeholder Management/Engagement, Communication Management are important topics here
Also, Project Life Cycle related questions will come - try to understand the key points abt time, scope
Remember what all activities are impacted by Project life cycle (what is least expected to change/get impacted here)
Remember differences between lessons learned (Predictive/Waterfall) and Retrospective(Adaptive/Agile)
Learnings from Retrospective are immediately applied.

!Requirement Elicitation & Analysis
Requirement Elicitation, Analysis, Documentation and Communicating requirements is an iterative activity
Scope baseline contains - Approved, detailed Scope Statement, WBS & WBS Dictionary
When decomposed Deliverable>> WBS>> Work Package (Estimateble components)
Product backlog - related questions will be coming with Scenarios based questions in Agile Environment.

!Traceability & Monitoring (Monitoring & Controlling Processes)
For any change - raise change request for any change
All changes should go through perform Integrated Change Control Process
Approved Change Request needs to be communicated will be the next step/action for BA

Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
Quantitive - Always related to cost
Remember - Only Survey is a semi-quantitative method

!Solution Evaluation
Solution Verification and Validation - can be carried out in any sequence as per business need.
Remember the differences and you should have clear understanding

Here is summary of my preparation strategy in PDF format: ... sp=sharing

All the very Best!! :)

Akanksha Ashar
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Re: How Easy it is to Crack PMI-PBA with iZenbridge!

Postby seema.sonkiya Sat Dec 17, 2016 2:13 pm

Thanks Akanksha for sharing such an insightful details for the exam. It will support future test takers.

Once again congratulations for passing the PMI-PBA exam. I am sharing your success story video here:

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Re: How Easy it is to Crack PMI-PBA with iZenbridge!

Postby seema.sonkiya Sat Dec 17, 2016 5:59 pm

Every alternate Saturday I conduct PMI-PBA clarification session to discuss the exam related doubts. In today's session, I invited Akanksha to share her exam experience for each PMI-PBA domain. Here is the recording and blog: ... zenbridge/

During the session use used following presentation: ... sp=sharing

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