Any standard template (for technical specifications) for BA'

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Any standard template (for technical specifications) for BA'

Postby seema.sonkiya Fri May 06, 2016 4:51 am

I am trying to find out if there is any standard template (for technical specifications) for BA's to follow/implement ; in the agile environment ; in providing the specs to developers , if so what is the best template that is being used and do you think you could guide me to the right path where i can find one .

In Agile, we give more value to working software from the documentation. Thus, a standard template is not prescribed in Agile. Agile is a framework which gives you four values and 12 principles. You can use any template which supports these values and principles.

Your technical specification documents should be lightweight, encourages incremental delivery and team collaboration. It should also embrace prioritization, and focuses on delivering maximum business benefits.

After getting the agreement of Product Vision, you can engage stakeholders for the requirements and scope. You can devise a feature list template (not mandatory format) suitable for your project. You can add new features at any point in time.
Now technical specification can be documented for requirements selected for iterations. In other words, writing technical specification is not an upfront process. It goes throughout the development.

You can elaborate top priority features for next iteration first. For these selected features you may choose to develop prototypes, you can create also logical data model, and other screen navigation diagram if it suited to your project.
All the selected templates should allow stakeholders engagement; they should know how these documents can support collaboration and ultimately working software.

In summary, nothing standard is prescribed in agile; Agile gives you a minimum structure regarding values and principles. You build your templates which support these values and principles.

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