Review : PMI's Agile Practice Guide

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Review : PMI's Agile Practice Guide

Postby seema.sonkiya Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:00 am

On 6th September 2017, PMI has release Agile Practice Guide. Though the book does not cover all the exam contents, gives a good starting point for the PMI-ACP exam. Following are the sections of the book:

An Introduction to Agile: When and why we need to apply adaptive life cycle. It also talks about Agile Mind set, Lean and Kanban method.

Life Cycle Selection: It explores the factors in selecting project life cycle. It discusses various Life Cycles like Adaptive Predictive, Incremental, Iterative, and Hybrid.

Implementing Agile: Creating an Agile Environment: It primarily talks about how project manager role gets changes in the Agile environment. The primary emphasis is on servant leadership. It also discusses facilitator role, cross-functional team, need of 'T' shaped professionals.

Implementing Agile: Delivering an Agile environment: It introduces many topics in summary form like the retrospective, backlog refinement, Sprint Review Demos, etc.

Organizational Considerations for Project Agility: It touches upon how we change the culture to support Agility. This chapter also talks about contracts and procurements. It also focuses on various scaling frameworks. This chapter gives good detail of Agile PMO.

Call for Action: It gives you an invite to raise your feedbacks.

In summary, This guide does not provide in-depth knowledge of Agile. But, yes, it gives a fair idea about how a Project Manager can move towards Agility. For more details, please watch the following video:

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