New Member with no Agile Experience, what PM do?

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New Member with no Agile Experience, what PM do?

Postby evamahk Wed Dec 14, 2016 3:52 am

Your team is producing great functionality at a sustainable pace - the customer is happy. Life is good. Tom is the new guy who just joined the team and has very little experience in your industry. How should you manage Tom?

A. Manage Tom as you manage the rest of the team, but plan to spend more time modeling expected behavior to him and spend more time communicating with him while he gets acclimated

B. Manage Tom using a hands-off approach, as this is an Agile team which thrives on self-organization and self-government

C. Manage Tom more deliberately than the rest of the team for the first few weeks, including assigning Tom to appropriate tasks as you see fit

D. Protect the integrity of the team and the current velocity by placing Tom on a special project and out of the way until the current iteration is completed

My Answer is C, Because Agile Coach can use 'Directing' approach when new member join.
Like a team cycle, Forming/ Storming/ Norming/ Performancing.. Agile Coach can use 'Directing' to give guideline to the newcomer.

Correct answer is A.

Im confuse of using those technique of Agile coach...

anyone can help.
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Re: New Member with no Agile Experience, what PM do?

Postby seema.sonkiya Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:15 am

For me, the options are not correctly framed. What is the source of your question? In Agile we do not manage people, we lead them by example. Option C is also not appropriate because the coach does not assign work. He builds a team which can do these activities themselves.

Option B tells about the hands-off approach, as hand-off is not the example of self-organization and self-government.

Option A is more appropriate as the emphasis is on to know each other, and it can support in collaboration.

Again saying this question is not framed correctly and not quality questions.

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