Sample Questions

Here we discuss Freely Available PMP® mock exam questions. Internet is full of free PMP® Simulators but most of these simulators does not provide good explanation of answers, here we discuss them.
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Sample Questions

Postby catchnithi Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:34 pm

Hi Forum Leads,

Here are few questions, need your suggestion for review.. real PMP questions from my friend.
If any wrong answer,, guidance to correct

1) Manager form team of 10 member, for new many communication channel wil exist in team now.
a) 45,
b) 55,
c) 35,
d) 50

ANs: 45

2) Project is in middle of execution, project manager brought external auditor to ensure all quality methodology is followed in team. Which phase of project now
a) Perform quality assurance,
b) control quality,
c) risk audit

Ans: a

3) Project manager need to prepare the charter but preparation of charter can not start without all material completely reach construction site. What is relation ship between
Preparing charter and material reaching onsite.
a) FF,
b) FS,
c) SF,
d) SS

Ans: C

4) BAC for Project is 120000 with total Project duration as 6 months, after 4 months project time budget utilized 55% that is 90,000.
What it is the value of Ev,PV,SV.

Ans : need help

5) You are preparing charter for government project in new region, your competitor already established their name in that region as “Green Supportor”, what you need to do before preparing charter.
a) Take government approval,
b) SOW,
c) nothing go ahead with charter preparation.

Ans: C

6) You are project manager of 5 year project, Vendor has prepared the Project high-level plan for 3 years and also detailed design level for complete Project. what is achieved by vendor ?
a) Rolling wave plan,
b) WBS,

ANs: A

7) High authority and low concern stake holder, which type of stake holder he is
a) Power/interest,
b) power/influence,
c) salience model,
d) interest/influence

Ans: a

8) Your sponsor inform you that , customer high level lead did not receive update on the Project progress, what project manager to do next
a) Project sponsor with details,
b) review communication plan,
c) review stake holder management,

Ans: b

9) Your team member during execution identify that new task is needed to be added, which was critical for feature delivery related to performance. After analysis with team member you found that no change in deadline of project because of new task. what project manager to do next?
a) Update the schedule and to add new task
b) Request for Change request
c) Immediately start working

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Re: Sample Questions

Postby manishpn Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:42 pm

post each questions in seperate thread,
what help do you need in these questions?
Manish P
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Re: Sample Questions

Postby catchnithi Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:53 pm

I am new to forum !! will post each questions separately.
PMP exam question attached , marked the answers also.. !! need to know whether right..
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Risk Question

Postby sshey36 Tue Apr 04, 2017 3:25 pm

I feel that the Tornado Diagram in answer is not correct. Based on the diagram in question it should be 1,2 and not 2,1.
Please explain
This is answer
Risk2.JPG (42.62 KiB) Viewed 1134 times
Question from Izenbridge Risk
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