Passed the PMI-PBA Exam today on first attempt

PMI-PBA® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Passed the PMI-PBA Exam today on first attempt

Postby ngoquangbaoloc Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:31 pm

I passed the PMI-PBA exam on 8 March 2017, and believe I am the 2nd person in VietNam holding PMI-PBA if Tungnx is the first one :P
All credits and thanks to Izenbridge, Saket and Seema, I would like to share my learning tips and Exam exp as below:

1/ Learning Tips:
- Keep learning everyday until the exam date, I know all of us are very busy in daily life but you need to keep study even the busiest day. Depend on time on that day you can just read a chapter, read a note or do some test. The key point is keeping your mindset along with it otherwise you will start over and over.
- Write your own note, since only you know which is good for your memory and understanding. Let's write a summary of all the knowledge that you have.
- Read more book to understand the concept. The Business Analyst for Practic... handbook is not enough to understand the concept, some concept about risk management, some project life cycle, Stakeholder management, traceability are mentioned in other text book like PMP or over the internet. You don't know how much you need to read, but just as much as you can understand the ideas clearly.
- Many people said you don't need to remember everything, just understand it. But my recommendation is getting it understandable and memorize it as much as you can. Because you understand it but you don't remember it you still cannot answer the question which is a definition or a context.
- Keep practicing daily over and over. Take the handbook as foundation and extend your knowledge on that.
- Watch Saket video for his explanation to get used to the topic before you explore it by yourself.

2/ Exam Exp and Tips:
- The exam is different with the assessment test, so you don't need to be relied on that or over confident when you can done all the mock exam well.
- However, the assessment test will have the same question style with the real exam, and it can help you to get familiar with the way questions in real exam are given out. Therefore, you need to do the assessment test in the program to get familiar with the question style. Don't need to remember the answer in assessment test, that is hopeless for the exam.
- Majority (90%) of questions are situation / case study question. They give you a situation and you need to answer it in the way that you understand from the text book.
- Even if the question is about definition, they also put it in the situation. For Ex: my case, I still remember, the exam said :" If you are in the meeting and three quarter of the participant agree on the topic and the number of participant who don't agree on the topic is no more than 25%. What is this called ? A. Majority, B Plurality, C. Dictatorship, D........)
- There are for options multiple questions, which one of them are very ridiculous and the rest three you need to fight for your life :D
- Don't leave any question blank and just mark it for return, NO, you don't have time to return for all, 200/240min -> you have only 1m20s / question. That is not enough even for those who are not using English as mother language. If you don't know the answer, just select the most viable one and click mark, then click next.
- My exam, the majority of questions falls into Traceability, they asked a lot questions on this chapter. All are situation (Ex: changing before approved, after approved, how to find out the gap, missing features and problem solving .....).
- Since majority are situation based, if you don't know the answer, just be proactive and think in the way the BA thinks, or in the way use think that it is most suitable for the answer. Make sure that you always protect the business goals and objective, verify and validate are two different things and put your self as a business owner to think what is the most valuable in this situation to find out the answer in the most viable way. Hope you can get my idea.
- Take rest, don't nervous and don't be so excited, just confident. You may feels a bit frustrated after 2.5 hours, keep calm and read fast. All question are made up from 3 to 4 line of text except the answers. Reading fast is an advantage here.
- No question on Value Stream, or financial calculation, but do have question related to PMP knowledge on risk management or stakeholder communication. I don't know why , but my exam falling too much on traceability and monitoring, this also include the communication solution to relevant stakeholder while there is a change and how you need to monitor the matrix or relevant features.
- Don't need to buy another account for mock exam. I used to think that I should buy more account to practice like watermark but I decided not to do that because I trusted what I learned and I trusted what other people said about I zenbridege. After the exam, I felt that is true, because you never expect the exam mockup will be given out in the real exam. That is never, all you need is the exam style and izenbridge is enough for you to get used to the style. The rest is BA knowledge and problem solving in situation. That one you need to read and practice not relying on the mock exam. Agree ?

Last word, be prepared and be confident. Everyday you study now is very sleepy and tired, I know that. I even get mad with Seema when Quampus had technical issue to access. However, in the last minute when you click the "Yes" button to confirm for submission and loading result come with PASS. It's worth the effort. Very, Very Much

Good Luck my friends. And if you like to stay connected. Add me on linked

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Re: Passed the PMI-PBA Exam today on first attempt

Postby saket Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:02 pm

Congratulations !! and Thank you for selecting our online PMI PBA preparation program.
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