Successfully Cleared PMI-PBA!!!

PMI-PBA® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Successfully Cleared PMI-PBA!!!

Postby mchalasani1987 Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:43 am

0I have cleared my PMI-PBA exam today. I would like to use this opportunity to thanks IZenbridge for helping me preparing for PBA exam. Thank you Seema and Saket for the training videos. They examples explained helped me to grasp the concepts very well.

My Background: I have been been working as BA and PM for close to 8 years.

1) IZenBridge online videos + Domain Exams and + Exam Simulator, (This is my first exam after a while, So I have taken the simulator exam several times to prepare or the exam and ease my anxiety). The same questions will not come in the exam but the confidence you build will help you take the exam with ease once you start rolling in the exam. Reviewing explanations for the answers set my mind to give logical reasoning to eliminate the options. Was very good exercise.
2) BA Practise Guide and
3) Watermark Learning Guide
4) Prepared notes to refer and revise regularly. Spend 1 hour daily and 2-3 hours over the weekend for 2 months. Confidence and motivation is very key to prepare for the exam. Once can easily be carried or swayed from preparation by work or other commitments.

First 5-6 questions really made me nervous. Once I started rolling, my anxiety eased. I finished it in 3:45 and reviewed my marked questions. When I went back to first 5-6 which I skipped, now seemed straight forward :). I felt I got lot of questions from Traceability and Monitoring and the answers were very obvious. I felt really good good while answering analysis questions and elimination options. Overall I felt I did the exam very well.
Analysis, T&M, Evaluation - Proficient.
Planning and Needs Assessment - Moderately Proficient.

If you prepare IzenBridge videos, refer BA practise guide and are able to score 60% in simulator exams. You should be good to take the exam.

Next stop: PMP or PMI-ACP. I have to decide the order.
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Re: Successfully Cleared PMI-PBA!!!

Postby seema.sonkiya Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:33 am

Sushanth, congratulations for passing the exam. It is encouraging that iZenBridge course supported you to pass the exam with ease.

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