Customers are pleased, but you scored less in the annual review process. What could be the reason?

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Customers are pleased, but you scored less in the annual review process. What could be the reason?

Postby seema.sonkiya Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:34 am

Request for participation in the following question:

IONIX is a gaming company where you have been a project manager for many years. In this duration, you have delivered many successful gaming products which fit well for organization delivery related KPIs and have been instant success in the market.
You are also popular among your clients, who have given you fantastic testimonials. Last year, you delivered two complex projects, which also impressed your clients tremendously. You enjoyed working on both projects. Because these were creative gaming projects, you wanted to develop a creative and stress-free environment for your team. You also provided them with all the tools necessary for them to do a good job and given freedom to go over the budget a bit, because you know delivering a product as per customer satisfaction is more important.
During your annual review process, you notice that you have not scored very well for your project delivery ranking. What of the following could be the apt reason for the average rating you received for your project management skills?

A - An average score does not mean that you have not performed well. Customer satisfaction should be the first criteria for judging a project manager, you feel.
B - You did not realize in the process of development, keeping the creatives of the project in mind that you have exhausted the contingency reserves of the project.
C - Because these were creative projects, you let some of the project constraints such as time and cost slip a little.
D - It is possible that you focused on your project and did not keep the project sponsor in the loop and he is not aware of your thought process and therefore misjudged your contribution.

Which option is correct?

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