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Cost decrease

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:37 pm
by nazrulq
As a project manager you realize that you need to decrease the cost of the project which you are managing. After hours of brainstorming, you come up with the following choices. Which of the following option can help you to decrease cost of the project?

1.Change activity A to be done by resource X instead of Y. X is more experience than Y

2.Move activities M and N in parallel to activity A and B which can increase the risk to 40% and 4 more team members will be required later.

3.Remove a Test from the project management plan.

4.Call Team to work on weekends to speed up work

Option 3 is the only choice but I do n't like 3rd option.

Saket/Manish , Please change the answer no; 3