PMP Certification Exam Application submission

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PMP Certification Exam Application submission

Postby ajaynit Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:48 am

Can some one please help me in filling up the PMP certification exam .

i am facing a challenge in including my roles and responsibilities within 550 characters limit in the online application.

can someone help me to convert the below R & R in 550 characters paragraph (thanks ton if someone can help):

During the Initiation of this Project , as a preassigned Project Manager I Worked closely with Project Sponsor in Developing the project charter and getting it reviewed with key stakeholders to confirm project scope, risks, issues, assumptions and constraints

As a project Manager I have performed following during the course of Project under Planning Phase:

1.Developed project management Plan
Identified key project team members and Defined roles and responsibilities to create a project organization structure to develop a communication plan.

2.Created the work breakdown structure with the team to develop the cost, schedule, resource, quality and procurement plans.

3.Identified project risks to define risk strategies and develop the risk management plan.

4.Obtained project plan approval from the customer and conduct a kick off meeting with all key stakeholders.

5.Defined and record detail project requirements, constraints and assumptions with the stakeholders to establish the project deliverables.

6.Developed the change management plan to define how changes will be handled to manage the triple constraints of cost, time & Scope.

As a project Manager I have performed following during the course of Project under Execution Phase:

1.Executed the tasks defined in the project plan in order to achieve the project goals.
2.Ensured a common understanding and set expectations through communication to align the stakeholders and team members.
3.Improved team performance by building team cohesiveness, leading, mentoring, training, and motivating in order to facilitate cooperation, ensure project efficiency and boost morale.
4.Implemented a quality management plan to ensure that work is being performed according to required quality standards.
5.Implemented approved changes according to the Change Management Plan.
6.Obtained project resources in accordance with a procurement plan.
7.Implemented the approved actions and workarounds required to minimize the impact of project risks

As a project Manager I have performed following during the course of Project under Monitor and Control Phase:

1.Measured project performance using appropriate tools and techniques.
2.Verified and managed changes to the project scope, project schedule and project costs as defined in the change management plan.
3. Monitored the status of all identified risks, identify any new risks, taken corrective actions and updated the risk response plan.
4.Ensured the project deliverables conform to quality standards established in the project quality plan.

As a project Manager I have performed following during the course of Project under ClosingPhase:

1.Formalized and obtained final acceptance for the project.
2. Identified document and communicated lessons learned.
3. Ensured to Archive and retain project records, historical information and documents (e.g., project schedule, project plan, lessons learned, surveys, risk and issues logs, etc.) in order to retain organizational knowledge, comply with statutory requirements, and ensure availability of data for potential use in future projects and internal/external audits.
4.Obtained financial, legal and administrative project closure (e.g., final payments, warranties, contract signoff).
5.Released all project resources and provide performance feedback.
6.Created and distributed final project report.
7.Measured customer satisfaction at the end of the project.
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Re: PMP Certification Exam Application submission

Postby kushalks87 Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:50 am

you need to be terse in your application. if you are izenbridge student contact Jyoti or Seema Mam so that they can give inputs. They will help you fine tune the application.

It should ideally look like below

Create a mobile website to connect with target audience via mobile/tablet
Define High Level Scope, Identify Stakeholders, Develop project charter obtain approval from the
Created Project Management plan,Collected requirements, defined scope, Identified risks
Execute the tasks defined in the project plan in order to achieve the project goals, Manage
communications to all stakeholders
Validated scope,Studied requested changes and applied after approval
Finalized activities, sent project closure, archive lessons learnt

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