Projectized / Functional Organization

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Projectized / Functional Organization

Postby nazrulq Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:53 am

You are working in a functional Organization X in North America where the working and other environment is homely in nature . They are really taking care of their own employees . Very recently you got an offer with a salary of 1.5 times from a Projectized organization Y and join there by knowing there is "no home" . You are laid off after 2 years though you have a contract with that organization not laying you off for one year due to rescission. Your coworkers and friends suggested to sue the company as you were in a good stable company and company Y offered you that position what you should do below the following:

1. Sue the company Y for laying you off illegally.
2. Try to discuss with your manager why you were given layoff
3. As the company is experiencing financial loss you satisfy with their decision and collect unemployment insurance by the government.
4. Process for unemployment insurance offered by federal government if available and looking for new opportunities!

Correct Answer 4.
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Re: Projectized / Functional Organization

Postby manishpn Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:44 pm

this question has no relevance to PMP, what is the source?
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