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What to do when quality review finds quality issues?

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What to do when quality review finds quality issues?

Postby seema.sonkiya Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:49 am

Request for participation in the following question:

Organization ABC is globally renowned Automobile manufacturer. They initiated a joint project launched in parallel with organization XYZ which specializes in high-tech engines.

A contract is signed between two organizations. Quality Management Plan includes Pareto diagram, Checksheets, and Ishikawa diagrams primarily. To ensure compliance with stringent quality standards, you as a project manager need to collaborate various business units.

A joint meeting of the project team from both organizations reviews quality findings every week. Since last few meeting, quality issues for strength and durability of the product are on rising, thus you:

• Created a graph of all quality issues over last few months and
• Doing brainstorming with the project team to help address quality issues.

What should you focus on in above activities? Also, note that Steering group is scheduled in 2 weeks and project reporting to various stakeholders has to happen in this week?

A Brainstorm the findings and identify best possible way to report the data to different stakeholders to make them aware of quality issues

B Check the result of quality measures study them, measure effectiveness and define how you can improve the quality plan, share this information with stakeholders on how you plan to improve quality

C. Perform trend analysis on quality issues, anticipate possible future behavior and desired outcome and share the information in readable format to various stakeholders before sharing with Steering group

D. Analyse if any preventive action can be taken, calculate the cost of such conformance and verify if the signed contract has any provision for handling such costs.

Which option is correct?

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