Communication/ Stakeholder Manaagement

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Communication/ Stakeholder Manaagement

Postby nazrulq Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:10 am

Q.You are working on project which automates the service call handing process of one car servicing company, in the mid of the project, marketing team realized that they are also getting impacted with this automation and provided set of requirements to be included in this project , what is the BEST thing you could do to prevent this in future project?

1. Pay more attention to risk management and add more contingency buffer

2. Pay more attention to Create WBS process

3.Pay more attention to stakeholder identification and stakeholder management process

4. Pay more attention to communication management plan

Correct Answer : 3 why not 4 Sometimes it's bit confused.
In Some questions if you select stakeholder engagement you got wrong choice. What could be the technique.
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Re: Communication/ Stakeholder Manaagement

Postby manishpn Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:18 am

if you understand the difference and linkage between communication and stakeholder management plan it will not be difficult to crack such questions.
Communication management plan deal with HOW of communication whereas SMP deals with why and who

So if you do not have right stakeholders identified your communications will never reach them.
however if you have right stakeholders identified your communication will reach them, if they don't receive communication/information they will escalate to you or others in organization,

so key is the get right stakeholders identify, understand their communication need and then put that in comm mgmnt plan,
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