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Stakeholders Engagement

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Stakeholders Engagement

Postby nazrulq Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:41 pm

One stakeholder comes to you and asks why this project is delayed? You explain that we are proceeding as per schedule, but he shows you the project charter and dates given in project charter is already passed by, what is wrong here?

1.Project Manager is not taking care of commitments made in project charter

2.Project Manager should have updated the project charter with new dates

3.Stakeholder should look at project baselines to get latest project schedule

4.Stakeholder should read Project Reports for project status not project charter.

Correct Answer: Option 3

I just wanted to say the answer should be lack of engagement of stakeholder. It is PM's duty to send all updated information to the stakeholder of the project. Since this is a vital issue i.e. Schedule.
Question or answer should mention that updated schedule.

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