How to be confident in ITTO when exam is after 5 days?

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How to be confident in ITTO when exam is after 5 days?

Postby seema.sonkiya Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:52 am

Got following question:
I am ardent follower of izenbridge platform both YouTube as well the blog available for every topic of pmp. I have my final exam on 18th June and i am still not able to remember the input/output and tools in an orderly manner. I am also getting 70% in the mock exams and I am going ahead with the final exams. Please advise me if there is any technique that can be implemented to remember the above started.

Memorization won't be any help. You need to understand them conceptually. For each process, you need to brainstorm what are the needed output and for that what tools & techniques are needed and what inputs are needed. Think yourself - and verify it with PMBOK Guide, in the case of any mismatch you need to analyze what are the reason of these gaps and fill those gaps.

You can spend 2 days in creating the mind map of these process and next 2 days in filling the identified gaps. I also advise going through the following blog:

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