Mock Exam Question

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Mock Exam Question

Postby nazrulq Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:11 pm

Which of the following is important to consider when creating the Requirements Management Plan due to its influence on how requirements will be managed throughout the project life cycle?

1 Project team members
2 Scope Management Plan
3 Phase-to-phase relationship of the project
4 Project manager

Can you please explain why the option 2 is not correct .It is understood project life cycle is phase to phase to relationship.Why the key word is phase to phae relationship instead of how requirment will be managed?

Your sponsor believes in "SMART" goals for evaluating the objectives or goals for your project. Which of the following is NOT included in "SMART" goals?
1 Significant 2 Measurable
3 Relevant 4 Attainable
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Re: Mock Exam Question

Postby VCAB Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:53 am

B is not an option because the output of plan scope management are scope management plan and requirement mgt plan. Since the scope mgt plan is not yet produced it cannot be considered in creating the requirement mgt plan.

I believe phase-to-phase is used while projects are executed sometimes from phase to phase, requirements could also be defined in a phase to phase order.

The simplified, is not in SMART, the S generally stand for Specific

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