Passed the PMI ACP Exam on Jan 26, 2018

PMI-ACP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Passed the PMI ACP Exam on Jan 26, 2018

Postby lorihewig Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:16 pm

Hi Everyone-

I want to quickly share my thanks to Izenbridge for providing such an in-depth, comprehensive course for the PMI ACP Exam. Not only that, but the course was thoroughly engaging, dynamic and thought-provoking. This course was SO MUCH better than static power point presentations and reading from slides. I really wanted to learn to become a better Agile leader, and believe that this course helped pave the way, mixing theory with practice to really solidify the material for me. I am so glad I found this course, discovered after watching a few You Tube videos posted by Saket. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues here in the US.

My entire study time was 10 weeks, with on average 2 hours per day of study. I had come from a Waterfall background and therefore it was an adjustment to let the agile mindset take hold.

What I did:
1) Watched all the lesson videos in order and took my own notes
2) Took quizzes at end of each video
3) Watched supplemental videos on areas where I needed clarity (e.g. Release Planning and Velocity) as those topics were introduced in the lessons
4) Took Mock Exams 1,2 3 and scored above 85% on first try
5) Read Mike Cohn blog posts on special topics such as how to handle non functional requirements and advanced agile planning (how to create the estimate confidence intervals for example)
6) Took Mock Exam #4 and scored 75%
7) Reviewed my weak areas, posted to forum with questions
8) Week of exam I just reviewed the Izenbridge flash cards and my own notes and did about 100 random test questions
9) Did not study day before exam

The Exam:
1) Was not as difficult as Mock Exam #4
2) Mostly situational questions. Be sure to know the roles and concepts around servant leadership and self -organized teams
3) Understand how and when estimates are done for release and iteration
4) Review scenarios when customers are not engaged or are not pleased and what you have to do to fix that
5) Know the purpose and goals of the Scrum events, especially the retrospective
6) Understand how risks are handled in an Agile environment
7) Know how to read a burndown/up chart and draw conclusions
8) Recognize what stage a team is in in its Agile maturity to decide your course of action (situational leadership)
9) Know what goes on in the daily scrum and what conversations are relevant for same

TIme to take exam: 2 hours
Did not mark any questions for review. I find my first selection is usually my best and did not want to overthink the questions.

Other materials used:
Mike Cohn book "Agile Estimating and Planning"
Mike Cohn book "User Stories Applied"
Mike Cohn blog

Note: Izenbridge covered all the exam material 100% and more, but I wanted to read additional materials for deeper insight beyond the exam.

Best of luck to all aspirants,
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Re: Passed the PMI ACP Exam on Jan 26, 2018

Postby seema.sonkiya Tue Jan 30, 2018 5:57 am

Congratulations Lori!! And thanks for trusting in our course :-)

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