Passed PMI-ACP Exam

PMI-ACP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Passed PMI-ACP Exam

Postby jeepeecj Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:15 am

Hello all,

Glad to inform that I have passed my PMI-ACP exam yesterday. I have earned 'above target' in each of the seven domain areas. I believe that is the highest scoring.

I would like to share some of my experience during this journey


Started by start of Jun
Read 1 time Mike's book
Gone through 1 times Izenbridge Video,notes, flashcards and second time selected videos.
Gone through the PMI-ACP queries forum and PMI-ACP Exam questions forums
Made notes while going through the Mike's book and Izenbridge Videos

Izen Bridge Videos,notes and question bank is very much sufficient to pass the exam. Great learning content prepared by Saket/Seema & their team.

Exam points:-

1. Always use the Demo option to understand the test interface, as it gives important tools like 1) highlighting the question parts 2) Striking out the invalid answers etc. I believe you need to wait for a minute for the survey start, if we start directly it will take directly to the exam. So please wait for a minute, then automatically survey will start. It will be 15mts and this will not be counted in your 3 hour window of exam time. It is worth going through this.

2. Around 70% of the Questions , I could easily avoid the three invaid answers and remaining 30% , I have striked out the two invalid ones and kept the other two options open as I was not sure between the two and kept as 'Marked' for review towards the end.

3. Saket's test 3 and 4 is very much closely similar to the exam questions and it saved my lot of time in finding out the right answers.

4. I have kept the first few questions as 'Marked' as I was not in the right 'presence of mind' for the first few questions (due to tension probably) until I settled down after few questions.

5. I preferred not going out in between for snacks as It might loose the continuity and also we need to go through security process again. Hence suggest to have some proper food to sit through the 3 hours.

6. Time of 3 hours is more than sufficient and I could finish the 120 questions with in 2.15 hrs and started reviewing the 'marked one' for 30mts or so and submitted 10mts earlier to 3 hrs. So no need to hurry selecting the answers at the same time, at the same time have a check on the time.

7. Not remembering the count, but there were direct questions, with out much scenarios.

8. Over all I could feel , if you go through Saket's Videos ,notes and question bank sincerely and understand the concept and with one glance on the Mike's book, you will be through with the exam

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Re: Passed PMI-ACP Exam

Postby seema.sonkiya Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:20 am

Congratulations Jaiprakash and thanks for providing detailed lesson Learned. I am sure it will give a good insight to future exam aspirants.

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