PMI-ACP® Certified!!!

PMI-ACP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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PMI-ACP® Certified!!!

Postby Karthikeyan Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:54 am

I have passed PMI-ACP® exam today!!!

About iZenBridge:
I have come across iZenBride through google search, when I planned to do PMI-ACP®. I chose them based on the review comments from previous exam takes. Surely iZenBridge is value for your money.

I have purchased online course from iZenBridge and it has helped me immensely to understand the agile and prepare for the exam. The course materials are structured properly and helps anyone to study at their own pace.

Video sessions from Saket are excellent. I really like the zeal at which he has taught the course contents. Thanks Saket for the course contents.

My Preparation for Exam:
As suggested by the course, I took the course contents once before trying out the assessment. I have tried the 20 questions set, I could score only 50%. Even though I had understanding of the concepts, I'm not able to score more. I tried 10-15 times, I was unable to score beyond 70%. During the assessment, I got an understanding where I was lacking. Even though I had understanding of the concepts, I was unable to connect the dots. It is very very essential from the exam perspective. Meantime, I have also bought the PMI-ACP Exam Prep book - Second Edition by Mike Griffiths. I had gone through the book 2.5 times before taking the exams. 1st time read gives a overall understanding of the concepts. 2nd time read helps to connect the dots. In parallel, I tool assessment from izenBridge to validate my learning. I could score around 80% in 1st & 2nd 120 questions assessments. And then I took 4th assessment and my % gone down to 70%. I wrote the score details to Saket to ask for his view so that I can plan for exam. He has replied me to take the exam as the scores are good.

I have also prepared my own flash card while reading the book and watching video from Saket and also while taking the exam. I used to refer this flash card whenever I get free time to refresh my-selves.

Submit Application Form to PMI:
I filled the forms online in PMI and applied to PMI. Luckily my application was not selected for audit and hence I could schedule the exam within a week time. Seema from iZenBridge helped me in correcting and refining the application forms submitted to PMI. Thanks Seema for the assistance.

Pro-metric Test:
I took pro-metric test in Bangalore pro-metric center. The guys were friendly and helpful and gave clear instructions on do's and don'ts in the center. Take enough rest the day before the exam and reach the exam center at least 1 hour before the schedule. It helps to calm down your nerves and ready yourselves to face the exam.

Tips and Tricks:
1. No shortcut to hard work. Yes, I had to put in my efforts to understand the concepts.
2. Learn to connect the dots. I.e., Understanding of tools and in which scenarios to use them.
3. Reading multiple times helps.
4. Preparing my own flash cards helps to refresh the concepts and connect them with scenarios whenever I get time.
5. As mentioned by all, exam questions are situational only. I need to know the concepts as well the how to apply them to choose the correct answers.
6. Most important is read the question and understand it clearly.
7. Understand in whose perspective the question is framed (PO, Scrum Master, Sponsor, etc.,)
8. Watch out for the phrases like (NOT, EXCEPT, etc.,)
9. Eliminate the wrong answers. Most of the times, 2 answers are no way related to the question. Hence I can eliminate them faster.
10. Trick lies in selecting the right answer from the rest of them. Here, there is no trick, I had to apply the Agile principles. Here is where PMI stands!
11. Best way to handle time is mark the questions for later if I don't know the answer for sure and visit them later.
12. I can also strike out the irrelevant options while searching for the right options. This option in the pro-metric tools really helps.
13. I had managed to save time to revisit the marked questions and then choose the right answers. If there is time still, recheck the answers.
14. Initially 1.5 hours, I was able to concentrate better. After that I felt the loss of concentration. I took a break after 2 hours and then I could continue with better concentration.

Based on exam results, I was proficient in 3 domains, moderate proficient in 2 domains and below proficient in 2 domains. It clearly indicated to me that I'm yet to master Agile! And learning never stops!!
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Re: PMI-ACP® Certified!!!

Postby seema.sonkiya Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:04 am

Congratulations Karthikeyan for the success in the exam. I am sure your lesson learned will help you other exam participants.

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