Cleared PMI-ACP exam with Proficient grades-By Balaji K

PMI-ACP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Cleared PMI-ACP exam with Proficient grades-By Balaji K

Postby jyotimayank Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:15 pm

Success story of Balaji Kalanjeri (Senior Delivery Manager) on the link below ... na_4673212

Cleared my PMI-ACP exam with Proficient grades yesterday !!


I cleared the PMI-ACP exam yesterday with proficient grades yesterday.

For those who are planning to take the exam very soon, here are a few things that I saw on the exam -

1) If you know the basics/concepts of Agile right, you will be able to answer 40% to 50% of the questions without much of a problem
2) There were no questions that required any calculations (no calcuation of Velocity, PV, NPV etc)
3) I was surprised to see considerable number of questions on what an Agile Project Manager is supposed to do. Never read anywhere about the responsibilities of an APM in any of the books. Maybe PMI is trying to evaluate this for future.

Now coming to my preparation. I started my preparation about 7 to 8 weeks back. Through these forums on Linkedin, I got in touch with Mr. Saket Bansal of I attended his 2-day training in Hyderabad, India on Feb 16th/17th. He provided me references/material to the following:

1) User Stories by Mike Cohn
2) Agile Project Management with Scrum by Ken Schwaber
3) Bridge to Agility
4) Agile Estimation and Planning by Mike Cohn

I read all of them and then started going through the PMI-ACP preparation book by Mike Griffith. After completing Mike's book, Saket enabled access to the two simulation tests on his website. I did pretty well on those tests. I also took the two practice tests from Andy Crowe's book.

I have no qualms in saying that the simulation tests from izenbridge did the trick for me. There are so many sample questions/simulation tests on the web but the ones that come very close to the actual exam questions are from I would go to the extent of saying that some 30 questions were almost like direct lifts from those simulation tests.

I wish all the future PMI-ACP aspirants all the very best !!
Jyoti Gupta
PMP Mentor & Coach

iZenbridge Consultancy Pvt Ltd

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