Passed PMP - Done and Dusted for Good ! :)

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Passed PMP - Done and Dusted for Good ! :)

Postby Pashi Mon Jun 02, 2014 4:44 am

Finally I cleared my PMP on 27th May :D . My lessons learnt are no different than most of us here:

I joined Saket's boot camp classes (35 hours PDU) in Jan 2013 and was planning to appear for exam by Mid April but I think fate had something else in store. As soon as I finished the classes, I moved to US for an official assignment. I prepared myself for giving this exam in US since it was a long term assignment. Days passed, weeks passed, got indulged in work so badly in initial months that I had no time at all to go back to my 'study zone' and one fine day I found that PMBOK5 version came out, it was JULY already ! :shock:

Though I was fully engaged with official commitments, at the back of my mind I had this thought that I have to start prep again and I did in August 2013. Exchanged few emails with Saket and started attending his Hangouts, Webinars to get back in rhythm ( @ odd timings ;) ).

After 15-20 days as I was beginning to build some pace, I got indulged in some personal matters and could only continue my preparation starting Feb 2014. That was when I gave myself a target of finishing PMP by MAY.. It was now or never!! :x

Watching Saket's videos helped me to understand and relate the PMP terms, ITTO and underlying concept.I could break the monotone of wading through hundreds of pages and I found a friend in his videos. :idea: :idea:

I had already read Headfirst once, so only targeted Rita and PMBOK5 this time and prepared my notes and charts. Here's a quick summary -

1) Read PMBOK + Rita's Prep min. 2 times each. Second time just skimming through. (Don't go by number of times you are reading the book. It is important to understand what you are reading and how much you are understanding. :idea: )
2) Solved more than 2000 questions. :mrgreen: :ugeek:
3) I wrote every answer to every question that I got wrong in an excel document and study this list from time to time, to avoid making the same mistake again.
4) I marked every question wrong with the knowledge area which was in. That allowed me to keep a track of how many mistakes I was making in each area.
5) I made sure I Understood why I got a question wrong. In case of any confusion, I would post that on iZenBridge forum to receive responses and understand the gap. This is very important. The exam is not about memorizing but reasoning.
6) I keep a record of my scores with graphs in an excel document. That allowed me to see when my scores went "under control" between two limits.
7) ASK questions in this forum :arrow: :idea:
8) More Important SOLVE questions in this forum. This won't only help other people, but yourself. When you explain something, you won't forget it. Even if your answer is not accurate that will allow other people to participate and help you. :)
9) I prepared and practised a brain dump for the exam. (I didn't get a chance to use it though as through all the practice I was able to keep all that on top of my head) :geek:
10) Avoid memorizing in general, but I memorized this: Rita's planning group process order, and the process group chart (47 Processes). It will assist you in solving questions about "what should you do next.."
11) When you take the appointment for the exam make sure you start practising 200 Question mock test at that same time. For Ex. If you have scheduled your exam from 8 AM - 12 AM. The at least 2 weeks before exam, you should start attempting 200Q mock tests in morning 8 AM - 12 AM. This will help you develop exam temperament and increase, what I call 'sitting habit'. :lol:
12) Personal strategy for reviewing questions - When I did full mock exams (200q), or in the exam ; I took 3-3.20 hours (on tops) to answer all the questions,took breaks of 3 min and 4 min after first 75 questions and then at 150 question. I varied the breaks according to how much time is left or how many questions I have attempted so far, which left close to 35 mins to review questions. My approach was to answer quickly the first time (MEANING not staying more than 1 minute in one questions, BUT staying focused on each answer). I come up in the end with 50-60 questions to review. Each question I marked for review, I wrote its number in paper. I made 2 columns - UNSURE and MEDIUM CONFIDENT.
Then, if I was very unsure of the answer I wrote the number under UNSURE column; if a was medium confident in the answer I wrote the number under MEDIUM CONFIDENT. Then when I started to review I got the MEDIUM CONFIDENT first and then UNSURE. A lot of questions where you're stuck in first place, you can see clearly the answer when you review. :D
13) Answer what you feel is right basis your knowledge, specially for choices where you have eliminated the 2 obvious ones and are left with the 2 choices where both "sound" right....have faith, choose basis your knowledge, this Rita process chart, think what is required in that process (ITTO) and you will get it right. ;)

The exam environment is such that you tend to loose concentration sometimes. I had to read my first 15 questions thrice because I was just not able to concentrate :? . Once I got settled down I increased my pace and completed the paper in 3hrs and 30minutes. I had marked around 35-40 questions for review. I reviewed them all, changed some answers. Finally when when the clocked stopped, I noticed that I had at least 5-7 questions to review...all kinds of thoughts were coming into my mind. I was thinking of hiding my face below the seat. Finally I clicked on the End button. The survey came and then came the result as passed. I breathed a sigh of relief. Still the feeling of passing has not sunked in. :lol:

Finally, I would say - PMBOK is THE Guru, read every single line from the book. Do not proceed ahead without understanding the concepts. Google out terms which are not covered in PMBOK. Use this forum and watch youtube videos of Saket to understand the concept behind all processes and their application. I found izenbridge, PMStudy, Oliver as the best source to test my knowledge. Don't run behind every free mock exam bank.

Without a doubt, special thanks to Saket, Indu, Namitha and team. YOU GUYS ROCK !!!

Next target...PMI-ACP! :mrgreen:
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Re: Passed PMP - Done and Dusted for Good ! :)

Postby yogesh Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:11 am

Congrats Pashi.

Which question bank you have refered ?
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Re: Passed PMP - Done and Dusted for Good ! :)

Postby indusharma Mon Jun 02, 2014 7:20 am

Great News Pashi :D Congratulations !!!

Stay Connected :)
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Re: Passed PMP - Done and Dusted for Good ! :)

Postby saket Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:58 pm

Congratulation !! good to know that you completed the Journey.... stay connected... and do check this 60 PDUs blog, you may save some money by following advice given in it. :) ... fications/
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Re: Passed PMP - Done and Dusted for Good ! :)

Postby coolnenapirali Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:02 am

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Re: Passed PMP - Done and Dusted for Good ! :)

Postby hi2shrads Tue Jun 03, 2014 3:34 am

Hey Awesome.... Good to know.... Congratulations

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