Donw with PMP in first attempt - It's amazing!!

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Prachi Bansal
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Donw with PMP in first attempt - It's amazing!!

Postby Prachi Bansal Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:02 pm

Hey Guys,

Today, I successfully passed my PMP exam with AT, AT, AT, T & AT is 5 process groups. It was not less than a dream coming true when I saw that 'Congratulations' screen today.

I would like to share my experience about my journey through PMP and finally the exam day.

So I though about PMP almost a year back i.e. in Jan'17 but then was just a thought. I started studying a bit then. I registered in March'17 and application got approved with in a week. Since, I knew that I could take exam anytime till Mar'18, I was very relaxed and very laidback in studying and taking the date. I didn't study anything till Oct'17. Then I read for a month or so. I read complete PMBOK once, saw all izenbridge videos, chapter end questions etc etc i.e. I was 60-70% prepared. Then again my prep got broken in between and didn't study anything till Jan'18.

Since I knew I had to finish my exam before Mar'18, I finally took the date for 19th March. I started studying very seriously now( like a true Engineer, only when your a** is on fire).

I went through izenbridge videos chapter vise, then my notes(which I prepared in Oct), then PMBOK for all the chapters. This was till March 1st week. After that, I studied only PMBOK again whole book cover to cover i.e. everything. Notes again. Videos again.

In the last week of prep, I did almost 600 Scrodo questions. Planned to do complete book but couldn't.

Gave 2 mock tests from izenbridge, 1st Mock Score was 66% and 2nd Mock Score was 85%. I was a bit confident now from the 2nd mock. I thought of giving 1 more mock but really didn't had time.

All in all, I only studied PMBOK(3 times almost), IzenBridge's videos(3-4 times) and my notes(2-3 times). I didn't refer any other material apart from this at all. I didn't read Rita Mullachy. I tried reading it once but didn't like it much.

About the exam:

I was hell nervous when I entered the examination hall( to the extent that I was feeling dizzy & suffocated). Anyhow, I started the exam. My speed was very good in the exam(as compared to mocks). I completed around 90 questions in 1 hour. After that I had to take a 5 minute break because I was literally out of my breath. I went out and had water. Then again I resumed my exam. I completed the whole exam in 3:20 minutes. I didn't end my exam then. I utilized that time which in reviewing the questions which I did in my 1st hour. I changed answers to many of them.

In my exam questions were mostly 1 liners. Didn't get any typical EVM question. However, Most of the questions were situational. Many question on Procurement, Stakeholders, Risks & Change control system. No direct ITTO question but memorizing them helped a lot in answering other questions.

Finally, Exam isn't that difficult. Keep your study focused on just few materials( PMBOK most importantly). Practicing questions is important but that's just not enough. As per my analysis, For passing the exam you need to have overall understanding of how every process works. :) Exam is very practical based.

Thanks to Saket for creating videos which explain everything so easily. :)

All the best to PMP aspirants. With a focused approach you will definitely clear the exam. :)
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Re: Donw with PMP in first attempt - It's amazing!!

Postby saket Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:02 am

Congratulations !!!! and I liked your approach of limiting material for preparation.
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Re: Donw with PMP in first attempt - It's amazing!!

Postby Chaitra Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:49 pm

HI, Congratulations !!!!

I missed a call from prometric. As my exams are scheduled for tomorrow, was that just a confirmation call?

would like to know ID proof: Adhaar card is accepted along with PAN card.
My passport is expired.
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Re: Donw with PMP in first attempt - It's amazing!!

Postby Prembalaji Wed Mar 21, 2018 2:05 am

Yes , there will be a confirmation call from Prometric , that u are appearing for the Exam ,

Also, u need to have a valid Photo Id proof, A Passport is always the best Proof that will be accepted universally , But i guess in India, since Adhar is also a Photo Id Proof , it should go through

But i suggest u give a call to the Prometric beforehand and get it confirmed

All the Best for your Exam , and looking forward for your success story

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