Killed PMP :)

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Killed PMP :)

Postby poonam1310 Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:25 am

Hi All,
I am so happy to announce that I cleared my PMP yesterday with 3 above target and 2 target. I would like to thank everyone in the group, these daily questions helped me a lot to bridge gaps. A big thanks to @Saket Bansal, his video helped me to learn the basics. My decision of buying IZenbridge video was so correct. I need to thank my husband as well, although he is the technical architect still his experience helped me in clearing my doubts. Also, my cook Sudam who didn't let me enter into the kitchen in my PMP journey. Thanks to @ Raghav Dixit who believed I will clear my PMP and Kumaresan VS who helped in joining various PMP aspirants WhatsApp group.

Coming to my preparation(Tayaari Jeet ki)
If any one delaying the PMP exam more than 50days they are just giving excuses to themselves. I started with Andy Crow and I read it word by word and did chapter end questions. Then I gave one Mock test from Simplilearn I got 68 % in that. Then I did PMBOK twice( word to word) . After 2 rounds of PMBOK, I gave another mock from PMstudy in which I got 73%.
I never gave more than 2 mock, but whenever I used to find some time I start answering few questions from Scardo, be it during team meetings, lunch time in the cafeteria, in the washroom, in a shopping mall.. Everywhere I was doing Scardo. I solved some 50 question during my anniversary party as well :P
then during last week of my exam I saw Amjid ali video and again PMBOK 3rd time and bas Kya I nailed PMP on 16th March.
Thanks to all :)
Poonam Chaudhary, PMP

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