Cleared PMP on 26 Feb 2018

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Cleared PMP on 26 Feb 2018

Postby dspatil Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:31 pm

Hi Friends,

It's a remarkable journey of last 4 months. My first attempt was not good after study of just one month study in Dec, I almost knew that I may not be able to clear it. But you know, when your heart takes over mind then you just let it go and I failed in my first attempt.. as expected... :oops: :oops:

I looked into the exam analysis part of my test and found out where I need to improve. You won't believe but I scored "Needs Improvement" in closing and that was the reason for my failure. .. smiled?? :) . I know who would expect that you can go down in Closing process group... However, guys it can happen and I have experienced it.. Learning: Don't under estimate any of the process groups... All are important.. :)

In my second attempt, I was prepared very well and was very sure that I am going to clear it. YOU FEEL IT.. :) I scored Above Target in 4 process groups and Below Target in M&C.. I received 4 questions on formulas and they were not straight forward formula application type. So I left them for later and then could not attempt properly.. I had marked the formula questions for last as those were not straight forward.. ;) ;) Learning Plan your time on the exam for each question.

Study plan first attempt: (Planned to take the exam in one month. Wrong decision..)
1. Studied for 2 hrs some days for one month. High level understanding. Did not go in depth.
2. IZenBridge helped me getting the high level idea very well.
3. Attempted only around 200-300 questions all over iZenbridge and else where. No special questionnaire practiced.
4. Actually spent only 2 hrs roughly 3 times in a week. Not sufficient.
5. Bad idea to schedule the exam before I could plan. (improper way as per PMBOK .
6. I have an experience of working in agile since last 10 yrs. THIS caused me to feel that I know the processes in detail. CHANGE YOUR AGILE THINKING.. :D :D

Changes in second attempt: (Planned for 2 months as I had a high level idea. Else would have planned for at least 3 months.)
1. Studied the workflow and interaction of process groups, knowledge areas and ITTOs.
2. Practiced Rita's chart 5-6 times to understand the activities sequence. (I can say, I got almost 10-12 questions right because of this)
3. Understood (YES... Understood) ITTOs. Memorizing ITTOs won't help in the exam.
4. Learned formulas from the application point of view and not just calculation way.
5. Spent 3 hrs for 4 days in each week and 6 hrs every Sat and Sun. This gave me sufficient time to solve questions and understand ITTOs and their usages. Attempted iZenBridge questions and could score well around 75-85%. Tried multiple times on weak areas.
6. Solved questions in last two days from Scordo. Did not cover all of them. But attempted around 400-500 questions.

Final day at 7 in the morning... Planned one hour to reach to the exam center (takes generally 30 min) but due to an accident the google map showed that I will reach 20 min late to the center :shock: :shock: ... Let me tell you that the PMBok gave me the confidence and direction to deal with this situation. I called up the test center (Inform stakeholder first..) the person said that 15-20 min late is fine. Wow.. PMBok works in practice.. :) :)

So it's enough of my experience... Thanks for reading such a long story... Hope it helps you guys in your success story to be written here..

Good luck and see ya!!
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Re: Cleared PMP on 26 Feb 2018

Postby jyotimayank Wed Feb 28, 2018 4:30 am

Dear Deepak

Heartiest congratulations!!! on your success.

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