Happy to share -Secured PMP credentials (AT) on 02/26/2018

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Happy to share -Secured PMP credentials (AT) on 02/26/2018

Postby nagak7079@gmail.com Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:47 am

Happy to share everyone that today I have secured PMP credentials (02/26/2018)

It's time to thank all the team members in my team, Starting from Almighty (luck) , Saket (training)and last but not lease my family(my strength). My second biggest thanks to all youtube and google gods for sharing loads of good information about PMP (Aileen Ellis,Phil C.... many more)

First let me cover my exam experience and lesson learned: (before I forget)

1. Please switch off your mobile before you keep it in the locker because of that I lost 25mins, middle of the exam examiner send me out to get switched off my mobile bcz someone keep calling me during exam. In an exam like PMP loosing 25 mins is very costly.

2. Again I need re-estimate my exam time plan from scratch. so Re-estimated atypical,TCPI or brand new EAC and finally I am able to complete the exam in 12 mins early. since I lostlot of time in bwn I have not keep many questions for review. there are 10 questions for review. Changed only 1 question.

3. it's not mentioned in PMBOK 5 about kick off meeting, but there are few questions on it. there is a small topic in PMBOK 6. exactly when/where its conducted, reading that small paragraph helped me.

4. Initiating grp: know differences bwn Business case and Business need also SOW very clearly and many questions on SH engagements. knowing power/influece grid will helped me in exam.

5. when a new change approved which doc will get updates, how scope validated, where are the requirements are updated,change log, issue log.. one should know what are immediate next steps.

6. Roles and responsibilities is important for exam, for execution grp HR mgt is crucial, try to attempt as many test questions you can, I haven't done that. Most of exam time consumed here.

7. Seven tools, additional tools, quality mgt tools (7+4+7) are vimp, not just knowing what it is will not suffice. application of them in proects is very imp.

8. All analytical tools are imp including FMEA, Regression...all of them.

9. Normally for math ques I will take more take more time,but not in PMP exam. they are very easy. one can calculate without Calc.. there are 6 questions on math (no of comm channnels, EV, PV). No critical questions at least for me. keeping CPI,SPI,CV, SV impact on figure tips helps a lot.

10. Closure -no much twists there for me.
Overall its great experience with greater situations. fortunately there is no unknown questions for me and I am able to answer all the questions. Reading skills and comprehension skills helps a lot. few people advice not to remember pg 61. but even if its consume 3-5 mins we better write them quickly, also CV,SV,CPI,SPI impact (greater than good, under, over)
I remembered all tools and Tech and mojot I/Os. Sometimes talent fails, your hardwork for dump will help a lot. during exam- time will fly away very very fast. during that time we can't recall items which we studied for several times. just imagine dump as a contingency reserve.


Try just not to know what the process/tool what it is, try to understand how its applied when a situation happens. almost all PMP questions are situational. unfortunately I am not able to give single mock exam. But after every chapter I used answer all possible questions on that chapter from different sources in internet. until I feel I understood completely and after that I used write what really I understood. work on both pass and fail questions that helped me so much. but please attend mock exam sincerely not only just for questions but for time management.

I used to answer all PMchallenge questions. 20 a day in my free time. those questions all are from PMBOK and will help you a lot. those are very accurate but simple. if you are PMI member you have access to their site www. projectmanagement.com

and in free time try to find unique factors in page 61. like only plan generates CR (PC) only process CR is a input(PICC) like vise. also funny acronyms for grps with first letters.. like BIRD used data gathering (Brainstroming,Idea/mind mapping,...)
This just for fun but useful.

Saket is the best teacher/mentor/guide among all videos I have seen in youtube. once I joined for 45 days program I follow his videos and they are so awesome and are so well designed to cover PMBOK,RITA and exam questions. and RITA is very nice book, sometimes she reads exactly my mind advice's very accurately to the point.

Final Note:
Finally I drafted my lesson learned and OPAs are updated. now I can close PMP project with a overall ABOVE TARGET RATING . however all these notes may apply for my project Analogus or parametric are not accurate as a bottom up estimate :)
Start your PMP project with good start, identify key WP, decompose into Activities, schedule it and identify your Team
map them and execute it for PMP deliverable.

But If I (average guy) can do it, you all can do it very easily. if it's part of our academics we all might secured this long back.

All the best to everyone.

Thanks to PMI for making me use my pen and paper after a long time, made me like a student after 13 years.

Thanks again to Saket and Izenbridge.
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Re: Happy to share -Secured PMP credentials (AT) on 02/26/2018

Postby manishpn Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:32 pm

you have shared some good inputs which will help many
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Re: Happy to share -Secured PMP credentials (AT) on 02/26/2018

Postby nagak7079@gmail.com Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:59 am


For this process, meetings are used to discuss the project approach, determine how work will be executed to accomplish the project objectives, and establish the way the project will be monitored and controlled.

The project kick-off meeting is usually associated with the end of planning and the start of executing. Its purpose is to communicate the objectives of the project, gain the commitment of the team for the project, and explain the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder. The kick-off may occur at different points in time depending on the characteristics of the project:

For small projects, there is usually only one team that performs the planning and the execution. In this case, the

kick-off occurs shortly after initiation, in the Planning Process Group, because the team is involved in planning. • In large projects, a project management team normally does the majority of the planning, and the remainder of the

project team is brought on when the initial planning is complete, at the start of the development/implementation.

In this instance, the kick-off meeting takes place with processes in the Executing Process Group. Multiphase projects will typically include a kick-off meeting at the beginning of each phase.
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Re: Happy to share -Secured PMP credentials (AT) on 02/26/2018

Postby jyotimayank Wed Feb 28, 2018 4:35 am

Dear Naga,

Heartiest congratulations!!! on your success.

Stay connected with us for renewal of your PMP credentials.
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