PMP acheived - 12.02.2018

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PMP acheived - 12.02.2018

Postby datta.kaushik Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:25 am

I’m pleased to announce that I have achieved my PMP on 12.02.2018 – A day to remember !!!
IN – Above Target, PL – Above Target , EXE -Above Target , M&C – Target , CL – Target

A big big thanks for izenbridge team for their support specially Seema for tremendous support for filling the application form and Support team for timely replying to queries.
A big thanks to all forum contributor for their explanations and the most important Saket who’s teaching power in the videos and using easy graspable words made the PMP structure so easy to understand. I became a big fan of Saket and I doubt; without those videos I could have not complete the journey . I will confidently recommend izenbridge to my friends and colleagues.

Now coming to exam reparation , it does not matter how many times you have read PMBOK or Rita , but remember the point that how much you can remember it and for how long and how you can use it. All the answers are there in PMBOK, but the only thing which varies is the “questions”. So whatever you read just try to understand it , visualize it, and make a confidence that however the question may be you will able to choose the correct answer.
Also make sure you know all T&T of all process by heart ; it may be an easy T&T but a tricky question may also come in exam for a simple T&T. Do prepare your own diagram for processes like change requests, deliverables, Risk , quality, stake holder management and communication management etc.
First thing is to follow Saket Videos; go through them 2 or 3 times to remember it well and then read PMBOK. You can read Rita also to know more on real management experience. Solve Christopher Scordo to get a different taste of questions. And last attempt for izenbridge all math questions , as the exam questions were less complex than izenbridge mock tests. Mock tests very much needed to increase your thinking capacity to get the correct answer . None of any mock test questions are same in real exam but the thought process you had applied to solve the mock questions will be same to solve the real exam questions.

I was 50-60% confident in the exam that I have chosen correct answers . Rest I was not sure as answers were too close to each other. There were around 10~12 questions on math, easy one. Might be 1 or 2 direct I/P questions. No lengthy questions & no one liners. There were 3 or 4 so tricky questions that neither I understood the question not the answers , so marked them on guess( planning to read PMBOK again .. ha ha ha ). I completed the exam in 3.40 minutes and 20 minutes for revision for marked questions but my answers did not change in revision also took a quick 2 minute break for water. I don’t think we need any brain dump if you are well prepared as writing 47 process and some formulas does not make sense losing 4-5 min time from actual 4 hours as the time given before exam (15 minutes) you cannot write anything on paper .

Acquiring PMP is neither luck nor easy but also not difficult , if so many people can do it , you also can do it. Just need some dedication that’s all.
I hope my lesson learn will help future aspiring PMP to achieve success in future.

All the best !!

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Re: PMP acheived - 12.02.2018

Postby seema.sonkiya Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:58 am

Congratulations Kaushik and thanks for sharing your exam preparation journey!!

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