Passed my exam on 25th Jan 2018 with Above Target in all Process Groups!

PMP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Passed my exam on 25th Jan 2018 with Above Target in all Process Groups!

Postby arsalaankhan Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:33 am

I finally managed to Pass the PMP exam yesterday 25th Jan 2018 with above Target in all Process Groups. It certainly is a wonderful feeling. When I saw the screen, it brought tears of joy to my eyes :D

Here is how I managed to pass the test in 3 months.

I started studying Rita Mulcahey 8th edition updated around mid October 2017. It helped me clear some concepts, however, the same things are unnecessarily repeated over and over again and I saw that as a waste of time.

I never read PMBOK but used the process flow diagram and ITTO charts.

After completion of Rita Mulcahey, I was lucky enough to find Saket's youtube free videos and I really liked the way he conveyed the message and cleared the concepts. So without any further hesitation I paid for the online course and went through all of his lectures.

I always prepare notes whenever I learn something new, so I created notes when I finished Rita's book. Thereafter, my concepts were comprehended by Saket's lectures so I modified my notes. Saket's lectures are very good to understand the ITTOs.

I learnt all of the processes in each process groups by heart. Actually, if you understand how they link, you will automatically memorise them. I memorised the outputs and tools & techniques after understanding them well. For the inputs, I only understood why are they needed but did not memorise them.

Notes helped me quickly revise the course within a day. After I had learnt and memorised the stuff, I started looking for Mock tests. My sincere advise is *Stay away from Oliver Lehmann's* ridiculous mock tests. They are far from real exam. The closest to the real exam were Exam Central questions. iZenbridge mock tests are more difficult then the actual exam, so if you are scoring more than 80% on all of iZenbridge tests you are ready for the real exam.

I did not waste time by taking any full 4 hours tests. Instead, I took the 30 to 50 questions tests.

On the exam day, I managed to completed all 200 questions in just 2 hours and 40 minutes. I took a leap of faith and pressed the button and voila! rather than displaying the result I was taken to a survey :(

Finally after 10 pages of survey, the message appeared *congratulations on passing PMP* and result said Above Target for all Process Groups!

I hope my lessons learnt help the new PMP aspirants. Passing PMP exam is a great achievement, but in my opinion, the bigger achievement is the knowledge you gain.

All the best and stay blessed!

Arsalaan Khan

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