Finaly achieved my PMP milestone 22-Nov 17, 4 Above Target and Closing Target.

PMP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Finaly achieved my PMP milestone 22-Nov 17, 4 Above Target and Closing Target.

Postby Gul Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:59 am

What a great feeling.
I have recently passed (22nd-Nov-17) my PMP exam and I would like to share my experience and lesson learned.

Preparing for the exam:
First I did some web research looking for good courses in regards to quality, comments, and price. After a quick tradeoff study, I ended up with IzenBridge

1. Watch Saket's Video Twice, Highly recommended to watch his hangout and webinar session video's
2. Read PMBOK twice and Ritta once (Really doesn't matter either you read twice or thrice, as far as your understand concept well and grab the knowledge you are good in shape )
3. Attempt Izenbridge and Christopher Scordo Mocks average score between 70% - 90%, Most important how you fill the gap, not just focus on to make high score

Preparing myself to pass the PMP exam was not just a job of studying the PMBOK and watching videos, but trying to actually learn and understand the use and application of the different processes, tools, techniques and situational examples.

Some tips from Exam prospective

I have seen very few questions calculation based, even I solved most of them without a calculator :D

***Focus more - Initiation process (Project Charter ), **Risk, **QA / QC Tools try to understand in depth , **Manage Communication, Closing very very tricky questions, no straightforward question about ITTO just you have to visualized and pick the best option (make sure you know either it's TT or IO to easily eliminate 2 options or some time even three).

During the Exam:
An Exam is always a stressing situation, but you need to avoid it. My experience is that half of your performance is related to how you approach the exam.
As I was going throw the exam I realized that I was feeling more confident and calmed down.
Time was not a issue to me and that gave me the chance to review those questions I found more difficult. Once you train for the exam you are ready to save a lot of time reading the questions and answering.
Lessons learned:
Do not study just for the PMP exam, study to learn actual Project Management best practices and apply those in your everyday job. For me this was the best way I made myself part of it.
Love what you study. If you like what you study you will learn faster and you will find yourself familiar with the different situational examples.
Develop and follow a study plan. If you don't have a plan to follow you will find yourself lost soon.
Do some research about the topics and concepts you find in the PMBOK. In the Internet you will find the same concepts explained in a different way and even with different examples. That will give you a wide view of any concept.

Thanks, Izenbridge team. I have enjoyed a lot and got my PMP certification!!
Cheers and Good Luck
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Re: Finaly achieved my PMP milestone 22-Nov 17, 4 Above Target and Closing Target.

Postby kushalks87 Thu Nov 23, 2017 2:28 pm

congrats Gul
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Re: Finaly achieved my PMP milestone 22-Nov 17, 4 Above Target and Closing Target.

Postby manishpn Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:16 pm

Congratulations and thankyou for choosing izenbridge and sharing your experience which will benefit others
Manish P
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