Passed PMP on 1st Try.

PMP® Exam Lessons – Success Stories
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Passed PMP on 1st Try.

Postby worldforjay Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:45 pm

Hello All,
Passed my PMP exam on 16th Aug’17 on the first Attempt.

Small story:-
I came to know about this exam and certification when I started my career in 2007, my first 35 hours training based on PMBOK 4th Edition (Frankly speaking couldn’t understand anything) in 2009.
From 2009 to 2013 - was thinking and didn’t do anything related to this exam.
In 2014, Attended again 23 hours Training based on PMBOK 5th edition and cleared my CAPM as the first milestone.
But still, my inner thought was keeping thinking about PMP certification as well it needs for my career growth.

Journey Starts here:-

Application submitted for PMP in Aug’16, it got approved without Audit. As a next step was Payment (thought to procrastinate due to personal reason) but my wife paid the exam fee as a birthday gift (No choice to delay).
Purchased RITA 8th edition updated copy and got PMBOK 5th edition from PMI (member copy) and started reading each chapter wise and completed one round of study (at this stage thought to go for exam in Dec’16(But couldn’t do)
From Jan’17 to Mar’17 – couldn’t concentrate for the preparation due to personal reason and professional work commitments.
In Apr’17 – Joined 4 days PMP preparation training and at the end of the course took a mock exam based on the question bank that provided by the training center and got 54 %.( no confident to go for exam)
I prepared a plan as below and I did block my exam date in Prometric and bought iZenbridge Videos to understand the concepts in detail (to reach “master” level as per Izenbridge study plan)
Task Name Duration Start Finish
PMP Plan 50 days Wed 6/28/17 Wed 8/16/17
Second Round Study - PMBOK 19 days Wed 6/28/17 Sun 7/16/17
Second Round Study - Rita 19 days Wed 6/28/17 Sun 7/16/17
Mock Exams 9 days Sat 7/1/17 Sun 7/9/17
Third Round Study( izen Video +PMBOK+ Rita) 16 days Mon 7/17/17 Tue 8/1/17
Mock Exams-1 12 days Wed 8/2/17 Sun 8/13/17
Final Preparation 1 day Mon 8/14/17 Mon 8/14/17
PMP Exam 1 day Wed 8/16/17 Wed 8/16/17

I prepared only on weekends, not weekdays, second round of preparation completed (didn’t watch the Sakat Bansal videos for each chapter due to time constraint and other reason) and took a mock exam (based on IIPM mock test) got 60% (no idea what to do at this stage)
Was still following my plan, but for third round study – I prepared process group wise instead of Chapter wise (I saw the videos from Izenbridge only for few chapters (Risk, Procurement, HR, Integration)) and completed my third round of preparation and side-by-side took complete mock exam at every 10 to 15 days gap.
Source & Answering %Trend
IIPM 64%, Izenbridge 66%, Pmzest 43% (out of 100),IIPM 64%,IIPM 67%,Edwel- Final Exam 80% (out of 100),Oliver - 175 -57%,Izenbridge- 74%, Chapter wise Questions ( Rita Fast Track (55 to 75%), Izenbridge ( 65% to 85%), IIPM (60% to 75%)
A week before the exam, Felt like didn’t prepare completely for the exam but didn’t lose confidence.
Three days before the exam:
Attended the all PMP math related questions (from Izenbridge),
Read PMBOK end to end (including Glossary, Interpersonal Skill, Annexure (Process group-wise).
Watched the Videos, Took Mock exam from IzenBridge, Edwel and Oliver 175 question. Scored (60% to 75%)
Visited the Prometric Center
Exam Day
Exam scheduled for morning slot reached the center one hour before the exam time and completed all formalities. The exam started at 8:00 am, didn’t take a break between exam hours.
Got wordier and completely scenario based questions, very few mathematical questions (EVM, Communication Channels), and many questions from Change management, Procurement process, Professional and ethical questions (not direct)
Within 3 hours 30 mints answered 200 question but marked around 65 to 70 questions for re-review. Last 30 minutes couldn’t review all marked questions only reviewed 30 questions.
Survey questions completed, I closed my eye for few seconds and thanks to God for this experience and asked for the best result. Got the CONGRATULATION!!! Screen... at that moment realized that Continuous learning+ hard work + God and Family support will give a positive result. Got 1P (I) +2MP (P & MC) +2BP (E&C).

Lesson Learned:-
I didn’t spend enough time to review the wrongly answered questions during my Mock exams.
I should have avoided procrastinate and was in a hurry as I fixed my exam date.

You only know what you want to do for your exam preparation; getting tips from outside world may give some confident, Confusion, District, and so on. This is just an exam, you can easily crack it if you follow your strategy.
Wish you all the best for your PMP journey, bye, I am going to continue for my next journey…. PgMP J.

Thanks a lot to Saket Bansal & co for their effort for PMP material and videos.
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Re: Passed PMP on 1st Try.

Postby seema.sonkiya Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:41 pm

Congratulations Jayakumar !!

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