Passed PMP like Achieved a Milestone

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Passed PMP like Achieved a Milestone

Postby kapil.bhauryal Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:59 pm

I am Kapil Bhauryal and today I cleared my PMP(it was not first attempt).

My Background:
I am working with a Smartphone company as a QA Manager having 10+ years of experience in Mobile phone software QA Domain. None of My current company and my previous company follow any process and terminology as per PMI regulation. Even maximum of our colleges does not know what is PMP. Basically i do not have any practical experience and guidance regarding PMP process experience.

My Study Plan
1. PMBOK5 - 03 times
2. Rita - 01 time
3. Head First - 02 times
4. Saket Videos - 03 times
5. My own notes - 10+ times

Mock and other score
Chapter end Test Result
1. Izenbridge Chapter end - 86%
2. Rita chapter end - 83%
3. Head first chapter end - 90%
4. Different source - 86%

Mock Test Result
1. Izenbridge Mock - 04 Mock attempt- score(79%, 93%, 95%, 96%)
2. Rita Fastrack Mock - 05 Mock attempt- score(76%, 83%, 80%, 81%, 84%)
3. Scordo Mock - 18 Mock attempt- score(Average 87%)
4. PMP APP mock - 04 Mock attempt- score(Average 88%)
5. Simplylearn Mock - 01 - Score 75%
6. PMStudy Mock - 01 - Score 85%
7. Headfirst Mock- 01 - Score 80%
8. Oliver 175 Mock - 01 - Score 78%
9. Q_AS by Frank - 01 - Score 88%

Examination Day
1. Questions was not simple.
2. Only 10~15 questions was straight forward. Like what estimation technology best use if Project charter is just signed.
3. Apporx 15 Numerical questions was there. They was combination of Beta, Earn Value analysis, Critical Path method. Each taken average 3 minutes.
4. Questions was wordy, not straight forward, situation based. One word confusing by their words.
5. ITTO questions was there. But not directly asked. Like what is the process important input for that process which output is formally accepted by customers.
6. Question 1~30 was too difficult taken my 45 minutes. Even these questions down my moral at that time and I loose my hope to Pass exam for little duration. I take a small break of 10 minutes to motivate myself. While return from break it was clear that i have 3 Hours to complete rest of 170 questions & recheck of doubted questions. I focused myself on remaining questions without taking any pressure of watch. And this trick work. I completed my exam in 3:30 Hours and take last 30 minutes to validated the doubted choices.
7. Submit the result, close the eyes, wait for that Show time to display Congratulations and proud to see this term.

My Suggestion
1. Make your own story by yourself. Do not be hurry for examination.
2. Everyone have different capabilities to learn and remember. Do not start compare yourself with others untill you know full story.
3. Take your time to learn detailed concepts and terminology of PMP topics.
4. Make multiple source of learning and mock test even try Apps, Whatsapp, Facebook.
5. Be a part of active Study group.
6. Most important while choosing e-learning contents and mock test, make sure their content quality should good and they are using latest PMBOK reference.

Thanks a lot for izenbridge and team to help me during this wonder journey via good questions, videos and clarification sessions.


Kapil Bhauryal
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Re: Passed PMP like Achieved a Milestone

Postby manishpn Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:55 pm

Hi Kapil,

congratulations and enjoy your moment of success.

Thanks for sharing your experience and choosing Izenbridge.

Manish P
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Re: Passed PMP like Achieved a Milestone

Postby seema.sonkiya Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:08 am

Congratulations Kapil !!
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Re: Passed PMP like Achieved a Milestone

Postby nazrulq Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:19 am

Congratulations ! Great Success!

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